How much do you know about Costa Rica Villas rentals?


If you don’t know these Costa Rica Villas rentals, you have not known what the greatest vacation looks like yet. But here we are to show you everything you need to know about them, so don’t worry.

This wonderful country will give you all you need to enjoy your next vacation. Here you can explore beaches, national parks, jungles or the ocean if you prefer. But first let’s talk about…


For what is Costa Rica famous? And what to know about Costa Rica villas rentals?


Their tourist destination has become famous thanks to all the good options and places you can explore. You can relax in the stunning Costa Rica villas and also have a peaceful time and reconnect with nature.

You won’t be bored once you get here, because there are so many things and activities you can do. Besides of that you can enjoy a lot of benefits for being here, like:


  • You can have a lot of adventures having excursions, walks or trekking in all natural espaces the country can offer you. And it is just 10 minutes away from your Costa Rica vacation home.
  • The most stunning beaches in Costa Rica are ready for you to visit them. So you can choose between the Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean to swim in.
  • Enjoy all the biodiversity the country can offer you, from beautiful animals, exotic flowers, trees, National Parks and more. Imagine that like being in a natural Costa Rica resorts.
  • If you’re a fan of aquatic sports you have to know all the options this country has for you. You can go surfing, diving, or just enjoy a boat trip at sunset, some of these organized by Costa Rica four seasons.

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This will be your need to do list

There is a plan for everybody, you just have to think of one that you are more interested in, so let me tell you some of the best. Once you see this, you only have to call your property management Costa Rica, and ask for free spots.


  • You can visit some of the most gorgeous beaches in the country and just relax or have some fun. Besides you can find Costa Rica vacation rentals beachfront so you can be near them.
  • Get into the new eco luxury that Papagayo can show, with exclusive tours surrounded by National Parks and some attractions. They are the perfect combination for the stunning Costa Rica luxury villas.
  • The Prieta Beach Club is always the best option to have some wonderful time with your family or friends. At their restaurants, stores or the beach.
  • Visit some of the most gorgeous beaches in the country and just relax or have some fun. Besides you can find Costa Rica vacation rentals beachfront so you can be near them.
  • Try the famous golf Costa Rica in one of their clubes, if you want something more chill. They are the perfect combination for the stunning Costa Rica luxury villas.
  • Kayaking is popular here in Costa Rica, so you can learn from the best and have so much fun. Also, you can take a boat trip if you prefer, and can be near some houses for rent in Costa Rica.

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Up next you can find some of the best places where you can stay during your vacations at this country.


Playas del Coco


This is one of the places you definitely have to know once in life for being a tropical beauty. Here you can find many activities and places to visit, besides a stunning Costa Rica home for rent.


Casa Mar


As it is called, this amazing Costa Rica villa is a pirate’s treasure in terms of comfort and beauty. This is the favorite one for  travelers who like to stay in a Luxury Villa Costa Rica.


  • Choose between the master suite or their two suites with access to a terrace and second pool. Select for your night of the 5 bedrooms, it also has 4 bathrooms, good for your families or a friend’s trip.
  • You can find a gourmet kitchen, dining area and outdoor living or dining area on the second floor.
  • Enjoy the decorations of the three floors with gorgeous and elegant high ceilings, furniture and minimalist ornaments. Following the style of the most gorgeous Costa Rica vacation homes.
  • Surrounded by gorgeous views included the whole Coco Bay, Bahía Culebra bay and Volcanos. Here you can enjoy their 2 large pools that make you call your property management Costa Rica.
  • You’ll be safe 24/7 thanks to the security system, security team. Also, enjoy the parking for 4 vehicles and high speed WiFi.

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Peninsula Papagayo

North of the country you will find these beautiful places, created by volcanic activity. Perfect to have a close up with nature and enjoy a different vacation with your family or friends.


Villa Pacifico


We present to you this Costa Rica luxury villa which knows how to combine high standards and comfort for vacation. This property can be a good option if you are about to get a big family or friends trip.

  • You will have 6 ample bedrooms to choose where to fall asleep, 3 of them master bedrooms for your commodities.
  • Villa Pacifico has exquisite decorations all around the place with Mediterranean and modern style. Besides the stunning views of the ocean, things that only Costa Rica luxury villas
  • You can enjoy the chef’s kitchen with all the appliances you need to make a five stars recipe. To get all the luxury vacation Costa Rica
  • The outdoor spaces are amazing thanks to the big pool, several lounge espaces, jacuzzi and terrace.
  • Thinking about any aspect for your comfort, this Costa Rica villa has an elevator, besides necessary features for disabled people.
  • Have a good time with your family or friends by watching movies at the full spectrum movie theater. But if you prefer you can visit the library room which has many board games or play ping pong.
  • The benefits of the Villa are getting access to the exclusive Prieta Beach Club, four seasons golf Andaz restaurant.

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