The Largest Beach Town in Guanacaste: Tamarindo Vacation Rentals, Adventures, and Attractions

There are amazing beach towns in Guanacaste Province, and Tamarindo is one of them; Tamarindo vacation rentals, the adventures you can go on, and natural attractions nearby make it a fun and convenient destination. Plus, if you want to visit a typical Costa Rican town, in Tamarindo, you can; plus, you can taste the local gastronomy and other features of the culture.

The Biggest Beach Town in Guanacaste Province

Tamarindo is a popular beach town that has developed greatly; furthermore, it is the largest beach town in the popular Guanacaste Province. This Northwestern province has several tourist beach towns, but Tamarindo is definitely a must-visit destination. As many other beach towns on the Pacific Coastline, Tamarindo was initially a small fishing village; however, it has changed, developed, and grown.

Tamarindo Vacation Rentals

In consequence, Tamarindo is now a much more popular destination, and there are now services to fulfill the tourists’ needs; from bars to restaurants, and more, there are options to have lots of fun. Transportation is of the greatest quality, considering there is also a national airport in Tamarindo; it is located between two other popular beaches, and it is a place of great natural beauty.

Accommodations in the Area: Fabulous Hotels, Tamarindo Vacation Rentals, and More

Along with the evident growth that there has been in the town—there are many new establishments offering all kinds of services—, options regarding accommodations have increased; there are numerous hotels, resorts and B&B options. In addition, the Costa Rica home rentals in the area are amazing; there are several options in luxury Costa Rica villas and other types of estate.

Tamarindo Vacation Rentals

Guanacaste is popular for the breathtaking sunsets you can appreciate from its beaches; imagine staying in one of the marvelous luxury Costa Rica villas drinking a cocktail by a private pool. Remember that these Costa Rica home rentals are very luxurious and they are equipped with top of the line appliances; staying in houses for rent in Costa Rica has become the trend among tourists.

The Amazing Adventures you can Go on in Fabulous Tamarindo

Beautiful Tamarindo has a beach with clear waters and it is filled with Tamarindo trees which account for its name; the beautiful beach and other natural features are the reason why so many fun adventures are possible. Apart from the amazing options available of Tamarindo vacation rentals, many visitors come for the amazing conditions for surfing.

In fact, the waters of Tamarindo have become a popular attraction for tourists; the site actually featured in the film Endless Summer II. Another popular tourist activity is sportfishing; in addition, other water sports are popular such as sea kayaking, sailing trips, doing water ski, and more. Water activities are popular in Tamarindo; however, there are areas to go on great land adventures.

Wonderful Natural Attractions near Tamarindo Beach

This wildlife refuge was created in 1990 and it protects an area of almost 1000 acres; along with the neighboring Las Baulas Marine National Park, the refuge protects the leatherback turtles. In this refuge, you can witness the incredible nesting ritual that these creatures perform in the beach shore; in addition, you can spot crocodiles, monkeys and do a lot of birdwatching.

This park is named after the Leatherback sea turtles in Spanish, which is the primordial concern in the park; it is a place of great natural beauty apart from the incredible nesting phenomenon you can witness of these creatures. In addition to these wonderful creatures, you can spot other animal species; you might spot ocelots, anteaters or even crocodiles near the estuary.

This park, as opposed to the previous two, is the farthest from Tamarindo and it does not border with the Pacific Ocean; in order to get to this park, you have to drive about an hour and half westwards. Tamarindo Wildlife Refuge and Las Baulas Marine National Park encompass the beaches of Tamarindo, Langosta and Grande; Diriá National Park is in-land in the Nicoya Peninsula.


Diriá National Park has amazing trails through the dense forests where you can spot wonderful animal species; you might spot monkeys, iguanas, coats, and more. The area is also good for birdwatching. There are also numerous plant species, including the famous Guanacaste Tree. There are many adventures you can go on, but just hiking you will delight from the sights you see.

Tamarindo is an incredible destination in Costa Rica; there are incredible tourist attractions, it has some of the best houses for rent in Costa Rica, and numerous adventures. If you seek for a place to spend a luxury vacation Costa Rica, Tamarindo is an excellent choice. This once fishing village has become incredibly popular; the options in Tamarindo vacation rentals alone will allow you to spend a fabulous luxury vacation Costa Rica!

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