Condominium Management

Condominium Management

Condominium Management


Whether your Association is large or small, a mid-rise or high-rise condominium, Costa Rica Brokers delivers professional and effective exclusive condominium management; customized to your Association’s requirements at a price you can afford.

Our expertise in the condominium management business has prepared us to guide you in the most efficient and cost effective manner for your complex.

Communication between the Board and Homeowners is essential to a well-run and satisfied community.  Brokers will assist the board in keeping residents up-to-date on current and planned activities.

Our Services:

  • Maintain financial records of the Association.
  • Collect monthly dues.
  • Bills payments
  • Reconcile bank accounts monthly.
  • Prepare a proposed budget for presentation to the Unit Owners at the Annual Meeting.
  • 24-Hour emergency management and maintenance.
  • Manage and oversee any projects approved by the association.
  • Interface with contractors on all projects involving the common areas.
  • Inspections of the common areas.
  • Attend to Annual Meeting.
  • Assist in properly calling the annual meeting and/or extraordinary Owners Meetings.
  • Distribute meeting minutes in the agreed-upon time frame.
  • Assist Association with arbitrating disputes and enforcing rules and by-laws.
  • We will cooperate fully in any review of your financial books.

Among other services…

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