Costa Rica Vacation Homes near Great Surfing Destinations

Costa Rica vacation homes are very popular among tourists; furthermore, one of the main reasons many tourists visit Costa Rica is its surfing conditions.

This Central American country has two coastlines, and specifically, in the Pacific Coast, surfing is very popular; there are numerous surfing spots, and they are located near magical destinations and popular tourist towns.

Going Surfing in your Costa Rica Luxury Vacations

Costa Rica is such an excellent destination for surfing that even world championships are held in some of its beaches; such is the case of Guiones Beach, Guanacaste Province.

The beach town is located just over 2h from the international airport in Liberia; it is not only a great place for surfing, you can choose this area for Costa Rica luxury vacations. Plus, the neighboring beaches have similar advantages.

Surfing may sound like an extreme sport to many; it may be, however, this does not mean that it is too dangerous or risky for first-timers.

If you know how to swim, these vacations are the perfect opportunity to give it a try; in most beach towns in Guanacaste Province, you will be able to find lessons from an experienced instructor. Furthermore, you will also find the equipment you may need.

Some Surfing Destinations with Amazing Costa Rica Vacation Homes nearby

  1. Guiones Beach, Guanacaste Province

This beach extends over 4 miles of beautiful white sand and it has crystal clear waters; it is a great destination, its sanitary conditions, safety, and eco-friendly conditions have awarded part of it the Blue Flag.

This title is given to beaches that reach the highest standards of quality, where tourists can find all necessary services; in addition, it is a great destination for surfing.

Costa rica vacation home rental
Costa rica vacation home rental

In March, the town actually received numerous visitors, it hosted a national surfing tournament; this beach is perfect for beginners and more experienced surfers. 

Furthermore, there are great services nearby; thus, if you are looking for incredible vacation rentals Costa Rica, Ostional Beach is a great option; it is located just a few minutes to the North by car.

The Peninsula of Papagayo stretches over 15 miles and it is an area of great tourist development; here you can find the best hotels and luxurious resorts.

You can find restaurants, clubs, a golf course, and a marina. Furthermore, there are also fabulous luxury Costa Rica villas in this area. The beaches of the peninsula are incredibly beautiful and are great for surfing; however, there are two surfing spots nearby that you cannot miss:

  1. Witch’s Rock

Witch’s Rock is one of the most popular destinations among surfers even worldwide; it is a spot located offshore the coast of Naranjo Beach, in Santa Rosa National Park.

In order to reach this destination, you must go through the park; however, access by boat is easier. Given its location, you can stay in the Papagayo Peninsula in a luxurious resort or in amazing luxury Costa Rica villas.

Although there are accommodation options in the park, these are for campers; therefore, if you are seeking for more comfortable options, the recommendation is that you stay near the Papagayo Peninsula.

Furthermore, there are other beaches in the Gulf of Papagayo like Coco, Hermosa or Panama Beach; they also have great hotels and vacation home rentals Costa Rica.

Ollie’s Point is another very popular surfing spot; as in the case of Witch’s Rock, many tourists visit Costa Rica with the intention of visiting Ollie’s Point.

Costa rica vacation home
Costa rica vacation home

This spot is located North of Witch’s Rock, also in Santa Rosa National Park; for this reason, many surfers take the opportunity to visit both destinations in one day.  It is specifically located offshore Potrero Grande Beach.

Regarding accommodation options, Ollie’s Point is in the same situation as Witch’s Rock. You could camp nearby; however, if you truly want to experience comfort and luxury, there are other options; the hotels and resorts near the Gulf of Papagayo and the vacation home rentals Costa Rica are better options.

Tamarindo is a large tourist town that was one a small fishing village; it has great options in Tamarindo vacation rentals and it is also a great surfing destination. This once small town has now developed to become a very popular tourist town.

In addition, it has numerous other options for tourists’ entertainment. Plus, the Tamarindo vacation rentals are incredible. In addition to these destinations, there are numerous others; some include Langosta and Negra Beaches in Guanacaste.

Nevertheless, Costa Rica is popular for having great surfing spots, and you will surely find many others. This country is an incredible place to visit and if you are a surfer, you will consider it a paradise! Costa Rica vacation homes are incredible and the surf will blow your mind!

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