Guanacaste Province: A Heaven for Tourists and Expats with Its Luxury Real Estate Costa Rica

Guanacaste Province is a very popular destination; it has amazing luxury real estate Costa Rica options, destinations for great adventures, and endless natural beauty.

Costa Rica has been known for its great tourist value the past years and it has even been recognized worldwide; in fact, in 2019, this beautiful province was ranked as one of the top 50 destinations in the Travel & Leisure Magazine.

The Tourist Province: Guanacaste

Guanacaste is a Northwestern in Costa Rica, and the area is rightfully popular among tourists; it is no wonder that it keeps getting acknowledgment for its sanitary, luxurious, and modern features.

There are numerous beach towns that attract numerous visitors every year, as well as in-land towns; whether in land or by the beach, they are surrounded by astounding landscapes fit for the best adventures.

What Can Tourists Find in Guanacaste?

For starters, the towns in Guanacaste have developed in favor of tourist activities; therefore, basic services and others are magnificent. Luxurious hotels and resorts are available, as in the case of the Costa Rica Four Seasons.

In addition, there are numerous options in Costa Rica luxury villas for rent. In addition, these properties are located so that tourists can find services and adventure nearby.

Costa Rica Real Estate
Costa Rica Real Estate

Some of these services are; the option to play golf in its incredible course, restaurants, other sports courts, and more. Cities are almost planned in order to benefit tourists.

Why Is It Safe to Say it Is a Heaven for Expats?

As resorts and Costa Rica Villas for rent have been built, the planning has progressed favoring tourism; the Four Seasons Resort, for example, is in Papagayo Gulf, and the villas and other infrastructures have been strategically positioned. This way, it is easy for tourists to find transportation and everything they need. This, however, does not only favor tourists.

The Gulf of Papagayo is not the only area where there are these facilities and services for tourists; there are other towns in the province with these characteristics.

For these reasons, many tourists fall in love with Guanacaste. Moreover, people seek luxury real estate Costa Rica for temporary and more permanent stays. Expats can, therefore, invest on these amazing vacation-like properties.

Some Towns with Great Luxury Real Estate Costa Rica

Coco Beach

One of the most popular town among tourists and locals on vacation, it is also perfect for expats; Coco Beach is located about 40 minutes away from Liberia’s International Airport.

In addition, it is known for the many restaurants, night clubs, and party atmosphere. If you want to interact with locals while experiencing international services of great quality, visit beautiful Coco Beach.

Furthermore, there are numerous adventures you can go on in Coco Beach. Last, but not least, if you want to stay for more permanent periods, it has great Costa Rica villas for rent.

Hermosa Beach

Hermosa Beach is also popular among tourists, it has calm waters and it is also located near Liberia Airport. Water sports are popular here, but so are the amazing services available. Hotels and resorts are not difficult to find, as well as vacation rentals Costa Rica.

Las Catalinas

Las Catalinas is a town that you should definitely visit if you are going to Costa Rica. It has been designed in order to ensure a sustainable lifestyle that protects the environment.

Luxury villas For rent
Luxury villas For rent

Transportation inside the town does not allow motor vehicles but only walking, bicycles, skates, or similar. The pedestrian experience is the best side of Las Catalinas. Furthermore, it is right by the beach.

Las Catalinas is located next to Danta Beach where you can go on great water adventures; in addition, you can find extraordinary vacation rentals Costa Rica.

Tamarindo Beach

Tamarindo is a large beach town where tourists and those seeking a permanent stay will also delight. It was once a small town where fishing was the main economic activity; however, it is now a great tourist destination.

It has great services for tourists, including luxurious villas for rent; it also has a small airport that offers domestic flights. In addition, it is also nearby amazing destinations.

Flamingo Beach is located nearby, and so is Brasilito Beach. The beaches in this area are known as the Golden Coast. Their beauty resembles that of the beaches of the Caribbean. In addition, there are large projects taking place and existing resorts, hotels and homes for rent.

Guanacaste Province is an amazing area for fun, for a vacation, and even for living. If you want to retire, live for a few months in Costa Rica, or even invest, a visit is necessary.  The luxury real estate Costa Rica you will see will impress you.

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