Tamarindo Vacation Rentals, the Tamarindo Labyrinth and more!

Tamarindo is quite a tourist destination in Guanacaste Costa Rica; features like Tamarindo Vacation Rentals, tourist activities, flora and fauna and even a labyrinth make this a unique location. Tamarindo remains a laid-back beach town; however, it has recently gone through major tourist development and it is now a lot more popular than before. Visit Tamarindo in your next vacations, and have the time of your life!

Basic Information about Tamarindo

Tamarindo is located in the Northern part of the Nicoya Peninsula, in the Costa Rican Pacific coastline; this town is located approximately 1 hour from Liberia by car, and 4 hours from San José. These are the two towns with international airports in Costa Rica; if you arrive in the country through San José, you could also take a domestic flight to Tamarindo’s national airport.

Tamarindo was once a quiet fishing hamlet, but it has significantly grown; it has been the target of massive development as other towns along the Northern Pacific Coastline. Tamarindo Beach is a part of Las Baulas Marine National Park, and it’s separated from Grande Beach by the Tamarindo Estuary; the town is multicultural, and there are cafés and restaurants where you can taste the international influence.

Tamarindo Vacation Rentals

Staying in Tamarindo: the Fabulous Tamarindo Vacation Rentals

Tamarindo was once a quiet small fishing hamlet that experienced major growth; though it remains a laid-back destination, the development is evident and amazing. There are still traditional buildings and small houses in Tamarindo; however, just as there are simple buildings, there are also luxurious ones. Luxurious condos, offices and other similar buildings rise evidencing this development.

In Tamarindo, besides luxurious resorts and hotels, you can find incredible Costa Rica home rentals for Costa Rica luxury vacations. In this regard, just as you can see amazing condos rising high, there are also Costa Rica luxury villas; these homes for rent Costa Rica have very modern designs and top-of-the-line appliances. In addition, tourist services to these homes are incredible.

A Unique Attraction in the Wonderful Tamarindo

There are many features about this town that attract visitors from all over the world; one of these attractions is the fabulous Tamarindo Labyrinth. Located in La Senda Farm, this incredible tourist attraction has been the designed with the biggest details; factors like, energy points, and the vegetation used to create it have been thoroughly considered.

Tamarindo Vacation Rentals

Tamarindo vacation rentals are a great option and not just because of their particular characteristics; as you decide to stay here, you can visit magnificent attractions as this. The labyrinth has 3 different routes, and it is a good opportunity for visitors to go for a walk; here, walking at your own pace and hearing the sounds of nature, you can have a relaxing experience.

Popular Tourist Activities You Can Do in Tamarindo

Tamarindo is very popular for its water sports: as it was once a fishing town, it is today popular for its great sportfishing conditions.  In addition, there are other popular activities; you can go swimming, kayaking, surfing and sailing. In this sense, sailing tours are very popular in Tamarindo; furthermore, just as you can go surfing offshore Tamarindo, there are other spots.

Given that Tamarindo is popular for sailing adventures, there are surfing tours you can take from Tamarindo. You can also go hiking, bicycling, horseback riding, and more. In addition, since Tamarindo beach is a part of Las Baulas Marine National Park, you can also pay a visit; in fact, it is a must, to take the opportunity to visit this park if possible. Another must-visit destination nearby is Tamarindo National Wilflife Refuge.

Las Baulas Marine National Park

If you choose staying in Costa Rica home rentals in Tamarindo in your Costa Rica luxury vacations, visit this park; created order to protect the beautiful Leatherback sea turtles, “baulas” in Spanish, this park is breathtaking. The beaches of the park, host one of the most important nesting rituals for this species; it is an incredible phenomenon to witness and a very important event for nature and Ticos.

Tamarindo National Wildlife Refuge

Tamarindo Vacation Rentals

As well as Las Baulas Marine National Park, this is also an important nesting site for Leatherback sea turtles; however, other sea turtle species also nest here. Water activities are also very popular here, going on boat tours and doing sea kayaking are very popular here. Tamarindo has 5 different mangrove species and numerous animal species besides sea turtles; some are monkeys, crocodiles, herons, and more.

Tamarindo is an incredible tourist destination; not only will you be able to you relax in the fabulous Costa Rica luxury villas, these homes for rent Costa Rica are just one factor. There plenty other tourist services and more importantly, incredible tourist attractions. It is true that Tamarindo vacation rentals are a reason to visit, but so is all the fun you will have and will never forget!

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