Amazing Tamarindo Vacation Rentals, Beer, Adventure and Fun in Costa Rica

There are numerous incredible tourist destinations in Costa Rica, but Tamarindo vacation rentals attract many; this beach town located in Guanacaste Province is a great destination for its services, natural beauty and even handcrafted beer. Tamarindo has amazing adventures for tourists and now tasting their delicious beer is something you can do; it’s a marvelous experience.

Basic Information about Tamarindo

Tamarindo is a beach town located on the West Pacific Coast of Costa Rica; it has grown from a small fishing town to a popular tourist destination. It is conveniently located just an hour away from the international airport in Liberia; it is also located almost 3 hours away from San José’s international airport. This, however, is not an issue for visitors because there are other options.

Tamarindo has a national airport; therefore, you can take a domestic flight to this town. Transportation is not the only good service in the area. There are also great restaurants and other services. The area where Tamarindo is located has different natural characteristics; there are estuaries, mangroves, there is the Pacific Ocean and incredible tropical forests.

Tamarindo Vacation Rentals: a Good Enough Reason to Visit

There are several reasons as to why tourists come to this fabulous destination; however, just by looking at the gorgeous Costa Rica vacation rentals in Tamarindo, you will want to visit right away. Costa Rica has had major improvements in the tourist industry and as a result, many small beach towns have grown; Tamarindo is one of these beach towns, and the development has been for the better.

Tamarindo vacation rentals

Just as in other towns along the Costa Rican Pacific Coastline, there are fabulous hotels, resorts, and Costa Rica villas; these vacation home rentals have incredible designs, they’re equipped with top of the line appliances, and count with amazing services. In these Costa Rica vacation rentals you can feel like in a luxurious resort; it is a VIP treatment in the most beautiful beachfront Costa Rica villas.

Handcrafted Beer in Tamarindo, Guanacaste, Costa Rica

Costa Rica is a place to relax, have fun, and forget about your worries; it is the perfect place to allow yourself to have a few drinks and forget about your responsibilities. In Tamarindo, Costa Rica, you can delight from tasty handcrafted local beer; just visualize yourself in the middle of the afternoon outside Tamarindo vacation rentals relaxing by beachside with a cold beer.

There is actually a brewing company in Tamarindo, it is called “Tamarindo’s Volcano Brewing Company”. You can visit this factory in Tamarindo; in addition, if you are interested in how the whole process is, you can witness it. The company offers a tour in which you learn about the process; in the end, you delight with a delicious glass of cold beer to experience the result of this great product.

Fun and Adventure in Tamarindo Costa Rica

Tasting the delicious artisanal beer and chilling by the beach in the Tamarindo vacation rentals is great; however, this does not mean there are no adventures you can go on in Tamarindo. This was once a small fishing town and you can actually do some sport fishing here; the area is considered to have world-class sport fishing. Nevertheless, if you feel more adventurous, there are other options.

Tamarindo vacation rentals

The area is also known for being appropriate for surfing; this and other water sports are popular in this area. Given the estuary nearby, the conditions of the beach are also great for other activities like rafting and kayaking. Furthermore, fun and adventures not only can take place by the beach; there are great restaurants and cafés if you want to taste the local cuisine, have drinks, dance and have lots of fun.

Tamarindo National Wildlife Refuge

Costa Rica’s biggest attractions, regardless of the area, are national parks and nature reserves; this is also the case of this region, there is the incredible Tamarindo National Wildlife Refuge. There is abundant biodiversity here, from which visitors delight. While visiting this park, you might spot numerous animal species; the vegetation is also impressive.

Nevertheless of such biodiversity, the biggest attraction and conservation priority of the refuge is the Leatherback sea turtle; this wonderful species visits the shores of the refuge in order to perform a magical natural phenomenon. These turtles visit the refuge to lay their eggs in a phenomenon known as “arribadas”; it is an incredible event that visitors can witness.

Tamarindo is a wonderful destination; if you are looking for incredible vacation home rentals, the house rentals in Tamarindo will make you want to stay permanently. These house rentals, are truly equipped with the best appliances, have the best services and the most amazing locations; Tamarindo vacation rentals will be a destination you won’t forget!

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