Distance of Some Tourist Towns to Liberia and other Services: Costa Rica Luxury Vacations

There are incredible beach towns for spending Costa Rica luxury vacations in Guanacaste; these towns have incredible luxury Costa Rica villas as well as the best resorts in Costa Rica. One great advantage of visiting these towns is that they are very conveniently located; it is important to know how far they are located from Liberia, the capital of Guanacaste Province. This, because it has an international airport.

Peninsula Papagayo Costa Rica is one of the areas in Costa Rica where there has been massive development; as a result, there are amazing luxury Costa Rica villas, and the area has the best resorts in Costa Rica. There are also numerous entertainment services regarding food, drinks, and nightlife; there are also tennis courts, a golf course, a luxurious marina and numerous tourist services.

For all these reasons and more, it’s a great idea to choose this area as destination when looking for accommodations; in this regard, Peninsula Papagayo Costa Rica is located about 50 minutes from Liberia by car.

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Hermosa Beach, as well as Peninsula Papagayo Costa Rica, has undergone great development regarding tourism; it also has amazing Costa Rica villa rentals, luxurious resorts, and great tourist services. Its calm waters are perfect for water sports like snorkeling and scuba diving, and its name translates into beautiful/gorgeous. Hermosa Beach is one of the most popular destinations.

Regarding the distance from Hermosa Beach to Liberia, it’s actually located a lot nearer than Peninsula Papagayo Costa Rica is; in less than 40 minutes, you can get from Liberia to Hermosa Beach in Guanacaste. If you decide to visit this beautiful beach, remember that there is another beach with the same name; it is located on the same coast, the Pacific, and it is actually a popular surfing destination.

Coco Beach is definitely one of the most popular destinations in Costa Rica; in fact, during the holidays, it is possible to see the beach flooded with Ticos and tourists alike. Coco Beach is popular destination, not only for its natural beauty and the exciting water activities you can do; Coco Beach is actually known for its active nightlife. There are plenty of bars, restaurants and cafés in the area.

Therefore, for those who want to spend very active Costa Rica luxury vacations at Coco Beach, it’s a great chance; this is a great destination for tourists wanting to go for drinks, for a dance and even meet a few Ticos. Coco Beach is conveniently located about 40 minutes from Liberia by car.

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Las Catalinas is a unique town in Costa Rica; designed under particular architectural principles known as New Urbanism. This way, Las Catalinas is a town that mixes great modern designs in infrastructures with natural beauty; in this sense, the pedestrian experience is exalted in Las Catalinas. As a result, there are no roads in Las Catalinas, except for the main access road to get to the town.

Las Catalinas is located an hour away from Liberia by car; in addition, it also has great Costa Rica home rentals in its beach, Playa Danta.

Ocotal Beach is located South of Coco Beach; this beach town, as opposed to Coco Beach, results slightly more calm and laid-back than its neighbor. Also popular for having great tourist services as well as Costa Rica home rentals, it’s great for family vacations. Regarding the distance it takes you to get from Liberia to Ocotal Beach, in less than an hour, you arrive; it is a short ride by car.

Tamarindo Beach is a very laid-back destination regardless of the Costa Rica villa rentals that have been built; this town is popular for several water sports of which sport fishing stands out, there’s world-class sport fishing in Tamarindo. Regarding the distance from Tamarindo Beach to Liberia, in less than an hour you can get to Tamarindo; however, this is not the only option to get to Tamarindo.

Tamarindo Beach also has an airport which offers domestic flights; therefore, you can get directly to Tamarindo by plane from any of the international airports. This makes it a very convenient destination.

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Are there Other Beach Towns Worth Staying in?

These are probably your best options; however, if you continue a little down the South on the Pacific Coastline, there is also Santa Teresa. This beautiful beach town in Puntarenas Province also has incredible accommodation options and it is not too far from Liberia although it is in another province. The car ride would take you over hours to get to Santa Teresa; however, there are other options.

Any of these beach towns are incredible destinations for the best Costa Rica Luxury Vacations you can imagine! Prepare your trip, and enjoy!

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