Tamarindo and Santa Teresa Beaches: The Nicoya Peninsula in Costa Rica Luxury Vacations

There are plenty of possible destinations you can visit in Costa Rica luxury vacations; however, if you want to go to the beach, consider the Pacific Coastline of Costa Rica. The Nicoya Peninsula has beautiful landscapes as well as tourist beach towns; in this sense, there are two beautiful beaches recommended for you and your vacations group. Tamarindo and Santa Teresa are these beaches.

Tamarindo Beach

Tamarindo Beach was once a small, quiet fishing town; however, this small town is now popular tourist destination with abundant tourist services. It is located in Guanacaste Province, and very conveniently, it has a national airport. Therefore, Tamarindo is of easy access, which draws many people into the town. The beach in Tamarindo is long and rocky and it has an estuary bordering it.

Tamarindo is approximately 30 miles away from Liberia as well, which has an international airport. Mangroves and estuaries in the area make this a place of abundant biodiversity as well as natural beauty. Tamarindo vacation rentals are also a reason to visit the area; there are great hotels available, but the Tamarindo vacation rentals are your best option for comfortable and luxurious.

Tourist Attractions of Tamarindo Beach

Swimming in the waters of Tamarindo beach is amazing; however, there is a variety of activities available. One of the most popular activities is surfing; in fact, even if you have no experience at all with surfing, you can take lessons. The conditions of the waves in Tamarindo are suitable for new surfers. Another popular practice in Tamarindo is sport fishing; it is actually said to have world-class sport fishing.

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Other popular activities in Tamarindo include going on kayaking tours and on sailboat tours. In addition, a great attraction in the area is the Tamarindo Wildlife Refuge.  Rio Matapalo pours in the sea water separating Tamarindo from Grande Beach.

Tamarindo Wildlife Refuge

This refuge protects 1,000 acres of land, sea and magical rivers and estuaries; it also protects mangrove swamps. In this area, there are also several bird species; in addition, Tamarindo Beach is one of the beaches that host the popular arribadas. These are the nesting rituals performed by sea turtles; of which the coasts of Costa Rica are usually visited by four different species.

Santa Teresa Beach in Costa Rica Luxury Vacations

Santa Teresa is perfect for Costa Rica Luxury Vacations as well; as it is the case of Tamarindo Beach, in Santa Teresa, you can find incredible Santa Teresa vacation rentals also. This is a beach town with breathtaking natural landscapes and fabulous tourist services. Regarding access to this beach, you can get there by water or by a domestic flight to the nearby airport in El Tambor.

Apart from there being amazing Santa Teresa vacation rentals, there are also natural attractions nearby; Santa Teresa is located next to Malpaís, which is very popular among tourists. Santa Teresa is a developing village; therefore, there are not only incredible Costa Rica luxury homes only, but other services available. These Costa Rica luxury homes actually make you feel like in a hotel.

Santa Teresa Vacation Rentals

Tourist attractions of the Area

Santa Teresa is actually very popular for being a great surfing destination; the conditions of the waves are perfect for experts, and the nearby beaches like Malpaís are actually better for beginners. In addition to water tours in the area, there are also canopy tours and horseback riding trips; however, you can also visit the wonderful Cabo Blanco Absolute Reserve.

Cabo Blanco Absolute Reserve

The Cabo Blanco Absolute Reserve protects close to 3,000 acres of territory; it is characterized by a tropical dry forest with abundant animal species. Of these, you might spot: coatis, ocelots, capuchin and howler monkeys, margays, snakes, and many more. There are over 100 identified plant species in the park, as well as many animal species.

Hiking through the reserve is a popular activity; in addition, the numerous bird species present in the park, make it a perfect destination for birdwatching. The park was founded as an initiative taken by a foreign couple to protect the very damaged tropical forests of the area; as a result, now the Tempisque Conservation Area exists protecting the little areas that are currently left after years of deforestation.

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Are there other Destinations?

These are just two of the many beach towns in Guanacaste that deserve recommendation for their many fabulous features; for starters, they both have incredible options in Costa Rica beach villas. However, the Papagayo Peninsula and almost all the beaches in the Papagayo Gulf have incredible natural beauty; in addition, they have as good Costa Rica beach villas, transportation services, food services, etc.

The Pacific Costa Rican Coastline is filled with incredible beach towns that are worth visiting for Costa Rica Luxury Vacations; these are just two destinations on the North and South of Nicoya Peninsula for you to mark as must-visit destinations!

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