Costa Rica Luxury Vacations: Fun, Comfort, and even Fashion in Guanacaste!

Guanacaste is a fabulous area for spending Costa Rica luxury vacations, and the reasons are very clear; this is one of the most popular provinces among tourists worldwide, and such popularity seems to continuously increase. For this reason, many villages in the province have developed greatly; this has resulted in great tourist services and adventures, and even amazing events related to fashion, and more.

The Fabulous Fashion Week in Guanacaste

It is not everywhere that you can attend a fashion week; the fabulous province of Guanacaste in Northwest Costa Rica will be hosting the 5th Edition of Mercedes Benz Fashion Week. This amazing event will take place in the fabulous Hacienda Pinilla Beach & Golf Resort; the event is planned for December 28 this year. It is a great opportunity to witness the new trends in the world of fashion.

The talent you will be able to witness will include new designers and models as well as more experienced fashionists; some of the names that stand out are Melissa Kopper, Maria Lourdes Castro, Therry Cuarezma, Oriscilla Jimenez, and many more. The show will showcase trends and outfits that evoke the Costa Rican culture with designs for summer wear.

The Amazing Hacienda Pinilla Beach & Golf Resort

Costa Rica Luxury Vacations

This incredible tourist destination is located near amazing beaches like Avellanas and Tamarindo Beaches. This is a luxurious beach community that offers its customers its best services in incredible natural landscapes. Apart from the paradisiacal landscapes of the area, they have good weather conditions for some water sports; some are surfing, swimming, snorkeling, and more.

Another great feature of this, which is one of the best luxury resorts Costa Rica, is its great golf course; it has actually hosted golf championships. The infinity pool, the poolside bar, gym, horseback riding stables and other amenities characterize this fabulous resort; it’s truly one of the best luxury resorts Costa Rica. Furthermore, the unspoiled landscapes surrounding the resort will take your breath away.

Avellanas Beach near Hacienda Pinilla Beach & Golf Resort

Avellanas Beach is one that tourists can visit while staying at the incredible Hacienda Pinilla Beach & Golf Resort; the amazing conditions for surfing in this beach account for why many people refer to it as “little Hawaii”. It has white sand and turquoise waters that house great biodiversity and attract many for Costa Rica luxury vacations; there are actually 8 surfing spots in the area.

Costa Rica Luxury Vacations

This is a world-class destination for surfing; however, for this same reason, it is not the best place for swimming. Nevertheless, it is not like you cannot bathe and relax by the beach; it is just safe to keep in mind that this is not the beach with the calmest waters. Furthermore, if you want to get into waters that are calm, there are amazing beaches nearby; Tamarindo is one of them.

Tamarindo Beach near Hacienda Pinilla Beach & Golf Resort

Tamarindo is also a popular beach town due to its world-class sportfishing tours; however, there are also good conditions for surfing in some areas of Tamarindo Beach. If you are a first-timer surfing, this might be a good place to give it a try; Tamarindo has gone through massive development, but it still maintains a laid-back vibe. In addition, you can find great Tamarindo vacation rentals here.

This beach town has many tourist activities available for tourists, which is why many choose Tamarindo as main destination; it is located near a national airport and its Tamarindo vacation rentals are very comfortable and luxurious. Tamarindo National Wildlife Refuge is another attraction for many tourists; there is great biodiversity to witness in this wonderful refuge.

Costa Rica Luxury Vacations

Other Attractions near Hacienda Pinilla Beach & Golf Resort for Costa Rica Luxury Vacations

Besides these two wonderful beaches, Tamarindo and Avellnas Beach, there are others near Hacienda Pinilla Beach & Golf Resort; Negra, Blanca, and Junquillal beaches are also located not too far from Hacienda Pinilla Beach & Golf Resort. Nevertheless, these last beaches are not as popular as Tamarindo and Avellanas beaches. In addition, there are other amazing attractions in land.

Not too far from the resort and to the East is Diriá National Park, and that is not all; to the North is the very popular Las Baulas Marine National Park. The latter is a protected area that aims to protect the Leatherback sea turtles (Baulas in Spanish); you can enjoy a wonderful luxury vacation Costa Rica while seeing marvelous species like this one. There are other attractions but these are the closest.

Hacienda Pinilla Beach & Golf Resort is truly a place to spend a luxury vacation Costa Rica; while you can play golf Costa Rica and chill with luxury. In addition, the area is filled with great accommodation options and other great tourist services; whether it is adventure, golf Costa Rica, or even fashion, it’s a perfect area for Costa Rica luxury vacations!

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