Staying in Santa Teresa Beach for Fabulous Costa Rica Luxury Vacations

If you are traveling to spend Costa Rica luxury vacations, a great destination to spend them is Santa Teresa Beach. This beach town is not only rich in natural beauty, it has developed tourism greatly; there are now great accommodation options, activities to do and amazing destinations near the area. With family, friends, or your significant other, you will spend a great time in Santa Teresa.

Some Basic Information about Santa Teresa

The town is located in North Puntarenas Province, more specifically, in the Nicoya Peninsula. It borders with the Pacific Ocean and it is located near the Southern border of Guanacaste Province; it has a convenient location because of its proximity to some incredible tourist destinations in Nicoya Peninsula and to Guanacaste. It is also near Tambor Airport, which offers domestic flights just one hour away from Santa Teresa.

Santa Teresa was once a small town and its main income had to do with agricultural activities and cattle ranching; nevertheless, it has recently grown to become a popular tourist destination. It now offers accommodation, transportation, and entertainment services of the greatest quality for tourists; it is also located the similarly popular beach town Malpaís, which is also worth visiting.

Tourist Activities you Can Do in Santa Teresa Beach

Costa Rica Luxury Vacations

These waters of Santa Teresa’s beach are excellent for surfing; furthermore, though the conditions are better in the rainy or green season, you can surf all year-round. Beginners will have better luck during the dry season and experts will love the big waves of the green season. However, that is not all you can do in Santa Teresa; there are also land activities available in the area.

In this area you can go hiking and sight-seeing the beautiful landscapes, and you can go horseback riding; in addition, you can go on canopy tours. If you have never been on canopy tours, you will be amazed; at the height of the treetops, you’ll get to see the ones that win the sunlight battle, and unique wildlife. Remember, there are animals at the canopy level that never descend to the ground.

Tourist Attractions near Santa Teresa

The closest attraction to Santa Teresa is Cabo Blanco Absolute Reserve; it is located at the tip of the Nicoya Peninsula and it protects almost 3 thousand acres of territory. It’s a must-visit destination for Costa Rica luxury vacations; the reserve protects secondary forest, but it also contains parts with primary forest. The relevance of the ecosystems it protects is a reason for limiting the number of visitors allowed.

Costa Rica Luxury Vacations

One of the popular activities in the park is birdwatching due to the many species you found in the park. In addition, water activities are also popular; in the beaches of the reserve and in others nearby, you can go surfing, snorkeling, scuba diving, and more. In addition to the reserve, there are popular tourist beaches nearby; and, for golf Costa Rica enthusiasts, there are golf courses nearby.

Are there Good Accommodation Options Nearby for Costa Rica Luxury Vacations?

Santa Teresa is one of the beach towns in Costa Rica that has developed greatly; therefore, it now has incredible Costa Rica home rentals as well as exclusive resorts Costa Rica. One of the best things about the Santa Teresa vacation rentals is that they face the Pacific Ocean; therefore, you can witness from them the incredible and popular Guanacaste sunsets.

Santa Teresa, a once small fishing town, is now one of the most popular tourist destinations in Costa Rica; Santa Teresa vacation rentals are luxurious and comfortable estates with the exclusive services of the luxury rental Costa Rica. In these rental properties, you feel like you are staying in a luxurious hotel. In addition, they are also located not too far from amazing Guanacaste beaches.

Costa Rica Luxury Vacations

Other Tourist Services in Santa Teresa

It is important to be able to find all the services you need in the place you stay in order to ensure your comfort; in this regard, Santa Teresa is a beach town with all the services you need. There are plenty of restaurants and cafés in this town; Santa Teresa has had such a big affluence of tourists that you can feel an international vibe in its establishments. You can taste both the local and the international cuisine.

Choosing Santa Teresa as a place to stay is an excellent decision; it is conveniently located and there are a plenty of fun things to do nearby. Whether you want to see natural beauty in land, go on water adventures, or play golf Costa Rica, you can. Spending Costa Rica luxury vacations is basically a guarantee of a good time; whether in a fancy hotel or with the services of the luxury rental Costa Rica, you’ll have a great time.

The Costa Rica home rentals of Santa Teresa alone will make you want to come back!

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