Luxury Vacations in Costa Rica: Staying in a CR Luxury Rental during the Dry Season

If you are organizing a luxury vacation in Costa Rica, choosing the proper accommodation is an important decision. And if you are visiting the country during the dry season, this means, during the hottest time of the year, your lodging must be amazing!

Fortunately, CR luxury rentals have everything you need in order to make you feel as if you were living in paradise. This way, staying in one of its vacation rentals will be your best choice. Especially, if you want to have a pleasant journey in this Central American country.

Even though some travelers decide to stay in a hotel or a resort, many have discover the benefits of staying in a vacation rental. And if you are looking for privacy and space, Costa Rica vacation rentals are ideal to take a break in an exclusive and stylish way.

What Are The Benefits Of Staying in a CR Luxury Rental?

CR luxury rentals are famous for providing the finest services in the market. Apart from that, its accommodations are a truly luxury home away from home. Its units offer extra space so you can enjoy your vacations with your loved ones, and the best thing is that it is all yours!

This way, you will have a luxury vacation in Costa Rica without worrying about noisy neighbors or crowded hotels. And most importantly, you will have different entertainment options to create the best memories during your holidays!

Furthermore, CR luxury rentals are located in the best regions of the country. Hence, you will find marvelous Costa Rica villas or vacation homes right next to the finest beaches of this tropical country.

Costa Rica Luxury Villas
Costa Rica Luxury Villas

This means that you can find a vacation rental in your dream location and with all the amenities that you are looking for. All that you have to do is looking for the accommodation that suits you better.

Just imagine staying in a luxury home in Costa Rica with outdoor shower, private pool, terrace, and a gorgeous patio! Isn’t it wonderful?

Where Can I Find The Ultimate Costa Rica Vacation Rentals?

Bearing in mind that Guanacaste Province has experienced an important growth in terms of tourism, Costa Rica vacation rentals have been getting bigger and better. And by being located in a privileged area of the country, this province has become the favorite among travelers.

This means that this is the perfect area to find the ultimate vacation rentals in the country!

Luxury vacation rentals in Guanacaste, Costa Rica are renowned for its high-end facilities and breathtaking units. Among its vacation rentals you can find Costa Rica villas and homes situated in Playas del Coco, Tamarindo, and Playa Ocotal, among other places.

These villas and homes have full kitchens, private pools and patios, and its rooms are beautifully decorated. Besides, they are close to the town and are situated near the beaches. Moreover, you can find groceries, restaurants, and medical services in the area.

Water adventure CR
Water adventure CR

Thus, having a luxury vacation in Costa Rica is possible if you stay in a luxury vacation rental in Guanacaste. But if you are coming during the dry season, it is important that you book your vacation rental in advance. Do not forget that this is the high season and that Costa Rica could be crowded!

And What Can I Do While I Stay in a Luxury Vacation Rental in Guanacaste, Costa Rica?

Guanacaste Province has plenty of tourist attractions and provides all kind of experiences to make you have a luxury vacation in Costa Rica. So if you stay in a luxury vacation rental in Guanacaste, you can visit its national parks and beaches. Or you can go on amazing tours and excursions to amuse yourself while you explore the country!

Regarding its national parks, you can visit the Leatherback Turtle Marine National Park, the Barra Honda National Park, or the Palo Verde National Park. As for its beaches, Playa Flamingo, Playas del Coco, and Playa Hermosa are well-known for its beauty and pristine waters.

Apart from that, you can enjoy horseback riding, golfing, boating, or bird-watching. And if you love water sports, you can sea kayaking, snorkeling, fishing, surfing, and sailing!

However, Guanacaste Province also has cultural places that you can visit. For instance, you can go to the Cowboy Museum, or to the Eco Museo San Vicente. But if you are interested in buying some souvenirs, souvenir shops in Liberia are ideal for you!

In regards to Guanacaste nightlife, there are amazing casinos, bars, and discos that can entertain you when the sun goes down. And when the party is over, you can go back to your Costa Rica villa or vacation home to rest and refresh yourself.

In short, visiting this country during the dry season will be an unforgettable journey. And if you stay in a CR luxury rental, you will definitely have a luxury vacation in Costa Rica!

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