Stay in the Amazing Tamarindo Vacation Rentals in Costa Rica this Spring Break 2019

Spring break is the perfect excuse to escape from the cold weathers and stay in the Tamarindo Vacation Rentals; spring break may be an academic holiday, but during the cold weather that remains in March up North, why not?

Costa Rica is a tropical country with an incredible climate throughout the year and paradisiacal landscapes; take the opportunity and visit this amazing destination.

About the Paradisiacal Tamarindo Beach

This beach is very well located; it’s 4 hours from San José International Airport, and it also has a national airport to take domestic flights. Tamarindo is a big town, where there are a lot of establishments and shops.

Therefore, you can do many things during the day and experience the local flavors by going to local restaurants. In addition, it is a modern town with paved roads and all necessary services.

The town was once a small fishing hamlet that has grown and tourist activity is highly responsible for it; it is now considered to be one of the most modern, but its popularity does not only reside in its development.

Environmentally speaking, Tamarindo Beach is of great importance for Costa Rica; the Tamarindo Wildlife Refuge and the Las Baulas Marine National Park are two destinations of great relevance in the area.

Tamarindo Wildlife Refuge

This refuge established in 1990 is one of the reasons to visit this area in Costa Rica. The park protects 95 acres of territory with a rich biodiversity of which the leatherback sea turtle stands out.

Tamarindo costa rica beach propety
Tamarindo costa rica beach propety

The refuge is filled with canals that you can sail on a kayak or canoe ride; it is a great experience to witness the abundant wildlife and feel the adrenaline as you sail down those waters.

The refuge is a great place to visit during spring break; this, considering that the past years March is still characterized by having the temperature of the wintertime in the North.

The park is said to have its best weather from November to August, with temperatures that range between the 80 and 90ºF. Leatherback sea turtles, crocodiles, monkeys and numerous birds are just some of the species you will spot here.

Las Baulas Marine National Park

Las Baulas Marine National Park, along with the Tamarindo Wildlife Refuge, is one of the biggest nesting sites of the Leatherback sea turtle.

Tamarindo vacation rentals, comforts and activities may be important attractions; however, the incredible phenomenon that is the nesting ritual of these wonderful creatures gets the biggest attention. It is an incredible sight to see.

Surely there are great water activities and great luxuries you can delight from in Tamarindo; nevertheless, going on a night tour to witness these rituals are experiences you will never forget.

There are mangrove swamps that you can explore in kayak and have lots of fun while witnessing wild creatures. The park is named after the leatherback sea turtles (Baulas), but surely you will get to see many animal species.

Tamarindo Vacation Rentals and Basic Services

Costa Rica vacation homes in Tamarindo are amazing; the development in the town as a result of the tourist growth has resulted in numerous vacation rentals Costa Rica.

Staying in one of the amazing Costa Rica vacation rentals beachfront in Tamarindo is a great choice; you will be able to relax in a place that is beautiful and not as crowded as the other popular spring break destinations.

In addition to amazing Costa Rica vacation rentals beachfront in Tamarindo, there are other services. There are luxurious hotels in addition to these Costa Rica vacation homes where you can find comfort, luxury and fun.

Tamarindo costa rica villa rental
Tamarindo costa rica villa rental

It is a great idea to stay in vacation rentals Costa Rica because you can also visit other towns nearby; Flamingo Beach, for example, is very nearby by car.

Having Fun in Spring Break in Tamarindo Beach

Tamarindo’s development favor tourism greatly, as travelers feel comfortable here and they can find anything they need; whether you want to relax or go crazy in Tamarindo, there are all the basic services and more.

There are numerous restaurants in the area in case you want to try the local cuisine; in addition, if you are staying inluxury Costa Rica villas, and you want to cook, you can also do so.

There are numerous markets that you can visit in town and get the ingredients for a fabulous get together; these luxury Costa Rica villas are usually very well-equipped.

This means that you can have lots of fun preparing delicious meals and sharing with your travel group. In addition, if your intention is to go dancing and for a few drinks, you can also do this in Tamarindo.

Tamarindo Beach is one of the best destinations you will find in Costa Rica; it is strategically located, it has astounding natural beauty and you can find all the services you need to be comfortable and have lots of fun.

Choose this town for your spring break, you will delight in the Tamarindo vacation rentals; plus, you will be amazed by nature, the beauty, and the fun you will have!

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