Tamarindo Vacation Rentals, Adventure, Nature and More: An Incredible Destination!

Tamarindo Beach is one of the most popular beaches in Guanacaste Costa Rica; Tamarindo vacation rentals and other services, activities, and the incredible natural resources that guarantee the perfect vacation.

This beach may not need more reasons to convince travelers to come, and still, there are always new attractions. Adventures at high altitudes are new popular activities.

Tamarindo Vacation Rentals: One of the Advantages of Visiting Tamarindo Beach

Truly, the natural attractions of a destination are key when choosing it; however, another very important characteristic is the tourist services you will find, especially accommodation.

If this is one of your concerns prior to your trip to Costa Rica, you can be sure that you will be more that comfortable. You cannot even imagine the incredible luxury Costa Rica villas available in Tamarindo.

These luxury Costa Rica villas are fully equipped with top-of-the-line appliances; they have wonderful designs and incredible features. Some of them have private pools for you to have fun right at home and see the wonderful sunsets; some also have a terrace and an area for barbecues where you can have fun with your family. In addition, you count with food and maintenance services.

New Adventurous Additions to Tamarindo Beach: The Fabulous Hilltop Adventure Park

The beach side and water sports may be famous in Costa Rica; nonetheless, there are also incredible and fun activities you can do in land.

Furthermore, if you are one of those adventure junkies and you enjoy the rush of heights, you’ll love this park; the fabulous Hilltop Adventure Park is one of the newest additions to this already wonderful city that draws in so many travelers.

Luxury Tamarindo VIllas
Luxury Tamarindo VIllas

In the Hilltop Adventure Park, you will be able to go on incredible vertical experiences: some of the popular activities include climbing, zip lining, courses with high ropes, canopy tours, and even air jumping.

The park offers not only n alternative to the well-known water activities of the area; it also provides offers for groups of kids, families and offers special excursions that will adapt the group’s needs and interests.

Some of the Activities you Can Do in the Park:

As the vertical experiences are in the field of expertise of the park, some of the ones available are: high ropes, and there are in fact courses; climbing walls, which children love.

In addition to Tamarindo vacation rentals, the activities of this area are also outstanding; there are also incredible experiences like Super Swing and Air Jump, which are very adventurous and fun!

Zip lining and canopy tours are also available; it is amazing to be able to witness the different ecosystems at the treetops. At such level, vegetation and wildlife is different, and the views are unbelievable.

The park offers activities that get people back in touch with nature and that help show kids the importance of natural resources; there are also some water activities offered, like swimming lessons, and more.

Natural Resources that Stand Out in Tamarindo Beach

Costa Rica vacation homes are surely beautiful enough to attract many; however, their biggest appeal is the great natural beauty they are surrounded by. In fact, there is the Tamarindo National Wildlife Refuge that protects numerous animal and plant species; some outstanding features of the area are the mangrove and estuaries. These allow numerous boat and canoe tours in the area.

In this refuge, you can witness numerous animal species, and so is the case near the estuaries. During the dry season you can see them approaching the water sources; however, the most popular animal species you can spot is the Leatherback sea turtle.

Tamarindo luxury villa rentals
Tamarindo luxury villa rentals

This incredible animal arrives in the seashore to lay eggs in a phenomenal, unbelievable ritual; it is an experience you won’t forget.

Other Advantages to Choosing Tamarindo as Destination

Other advantages to choosing Tamarindo apart from its incredible Costa Rica vacation homes and natural attractions relate to practicality; for starters, transportation to and from Tamarindo Beach is excellent.

Tamarindo has its own airport where you can take domestic flights to other parts of the country; you can take a flight from Tamarindo to San José’s International Aiport and be there in 1 hour.

In addition, this town is located fairly close to Liberia, which is the capital of Guanacaste Province and also has an international Airport.

This means you can go from Liberia to the wonderful Costa Rica villas in Tamarindo in just one hour. As well as great options in Costa Rica villas, options for transportation on the road are also numerous and very efficient.

In Tamarindo Beach you can find amazing Costa Rica villa rentals, great beautiful beaches and water activities; however, there is a lot more in Tamarindo Beach. Just as you can go surfing, deep sea fishing, snorkeling, and more, there are also options in land.

Costa Rica villa rentals will surely amaze you, but vertical adventures are also available and will be so much fun. Take a chance to go on new adventures, stay on fabulous Tamarindo vacation rentals, and have fun in the heights!

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