Panamá, Hermosa, and Cocos Beach: Amazing Destinations for a Luxury Vacation Costa Rica

There are numerous options in destinations if you are planning a luxury vacation Costa Rica; however, a very popular area is that of the Gulf of Papagayo.

In this area, there are numerous beach towns that have experienced an incredible tourist growth; three of them are the beautiful beaches: Panamá, Hermosa and Cocos Beach; they are very near from each other by a car ride.

Panamá Beach: A Great Choice for a Luxury Vacation Costa Rica

The beautiful panama Beach is located in Guanacaste Province, as the rest of these beaches of the Gulf of Papagayo; one great reason to choose this beach as your destination in Costa Rica is its proximity to Liberia International Airport.

It is located less than half an hour away from the airport by car; however, this is not the only reason to visit Panamá Beach for a luxury vacation Costa Rica.

If you drive West from Liberia’s International Airport, Panamá Beach is the first one you will find; in it, you will see gray sand and crystal clear blue waters perfect for swimming and many other water sports.

Luxury VAcation Costa Rica 1
Luxury VAcation Costa Rica 1

The beach stretches for about 2km and it has calm waters that are good for snorkeling and appreciating the abundant marine wildlife. It is also located near a golf course, many land activities are also possible.

How Are Accommodation Options in Panamá Beach?

There are numerous options in this sense; for starters, there are numerous resorts and luxury Costa Rica villas for rent. Though numerous, options are in majority pricy; so those looking for Costa Rica vacation homes should keep in mind that it might be expensive to stay here. Nevertheless, these options are incredibly comfortable and appealing.

Hermosa Beach: A Beautiful Destination as its Name Is

Hermosa Beach means “Beautiful Beach” in Spanish; this is no coincidence, Hermosa Beach is an enchanting destination. Neighboring Panamá Beach towards the Southwest of Panamá Beach, Hermosa Beach is located less than 10 minutes away by car; regarding the airport, Hermosa Beach is located half an hour away from it by car.  This beach is also very near and a fun option to visit.

It has also undergone great development and there are many activities available. In fact, this beautiful beach has been awarded the “Blue Flag” title; this means conditions for an incredible and luxury vacation Costa Rica are the best.

The “Blue Flag” title ensures visitors that sanitary, safety, environmental, and economic services for tourists function perfectly; it is a great recognition.

How Are Accommodation Options in Hermosa Beach?

If you are seeking luxury Costa Rica villas or luxurious resorts in Hermosa Beach, you won’t fall short of options. There are numerous hotels and Costa Rica vacation homes; nevertheless, if you are traveling on a short budget, it might be difficult to find an option here. Accommodation in Hermosa Beach tends to be pricy or mid-range; at any case, services are of the highest quality.

Coco Beach: Another incredible Option for a Luxury Vacation Costa Rica

Coco Beach is an excellent destination for spending a luxury vacation Costa Rica. Not only areCosta Rica house rentals amazing, nightlife, natural beauty and activities available make it a paradise. 

Coco Beach is located Southwest of Hermosa Beach, just 15 minutes away by car. The wonderful Coco Beach is also about half an hour away from Liberia Airport.

Luxury Vacation rentals in costa Rica
Luxury Vacation rentals in costa Rica

This beach, apart from being of easy access, has become one of the most popular beaches of the Gulf of Papagayo; it has also become popular among all Ticos, who enjoy visiting this beach during the holidays.

Coco Beach is developing and it has an active nightlife that attracts young crowds; in addition, it is a perfect place for visitors to interact with locals. Here, international influences mix with the locals.

How Are Accommodation Options in Coco Beach?

Costa Rica house rentals, resorts and Costa Rica beach rentals in general are numerous in Coco Beach. Although you can find luxurious and pricy options in hotels or Costa Rica beach rentals, there are other options here; as opposed to the case of Panamá and Hermosa Beaches, if you are looking for a more affordable option, then in Coco Beach, it is more likely that you find something.

Costa Rica house rentals in Coco Beach are not only options of great quality, they are a popular trend; surely hotels and resorts are luxurious and comfortable, but these home rentals are becoming more and more popular. If you are planning a trip to Costa Rica, it is a good idea to consider this accommodation modality.

It has advantages such as privacy and others you have to try. Panamá Beach. Hermosa Beach and Coco Beach are three destinations that you cannot fail to visit if you are going to the Gulf of Panamá soon. Any of these locations will be an incredible choice, and will give you an incredible luxury vacation Costa Rica!

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