Costa Rica Luxury Vacations in Tamarindo: Natural Beauty, Fun, and Development

If you are considering going on Costa Rica luxury vacations, Tamarindo is one of the best choices you can make. The Northwestern province of Guanacaste has greatly developed in the past years and Tamarindo is no exception; this beautiful beach town has abundant natural beauty that has motivated the growth of tourist activities. It is, therefore, a great destination with a promising future.

Tamarindo: An Outstanding Destination

Tamarindo is very easy to access; you have options to get there by land, or air, even by the sea, you could get to Tamarindo. For starters, it has an airport which offers domestic flights; in addition, it is not too far from the international airport of Liberia.

This airport is less than an hour from Tamarindo by car; the ride from San José the capital (there the other international airport is), takes over 4 hours.

Furthermore, Tamarindo is not just accessible. The natural beauty of this town that was one a simple fishing town has attracted people, and therefore, growth; as a result, the value of natural beauty is taken into consideration and natural resources are protected.

Tamarindo greatly profit as from natural resources at the same time that there conservation is ensured; this isa trend throughout Costa Rica.

An Undeniable Attraction in Tamarindo: Tamarindo National Wildlife Refuge

The Tamarindo National Wildlife Refuge is a must-visit destination if you come to this area; it protects a territory of 1000 acres of incredible biodiversity.

Luxury Vacations Costa Rica In Tamarindo
Luxury Vacations Costa Rica In Tamarindo

Lush forests, estuaries, beaches, and numerous animal species are the main features that characterize the park. It is located next to Las Baulas Marine National Park; together, they protect numerous animal and plant species.

However, the species that receives the biggest attention in this area is the Leatherback sea turtle (in Spanish “Baula”); these shores receive these wonderful creatures that arrive to lay their eggs.

It is an incredible nesting ritual that you can witness; furthermore, there are numerous species of birds, there are also monkeys, and numerous animals approaching the many streams of water.

Tamarindo Vacation Rentals

In addition to the great natural attractions of the area, Tamarindo has amazing tourist services; Tamarindo vacation rentals are no exception in this regard.  Tamarindo may have been once a fishing town; however, it is has developed and has now numerous options inCosta Rica home rentals and luxurious hotels. Costa Rica luxury vacations are definitely possible in a town like Tamarindo.

There are incredible Costa Rica luxury villas in this area, which is a very popular trend in Costa Rica tourism. Thesevacation rentals in Costa Rica offerthepossibility of great comfort and luxury; however, at the same time, at these amazingCosta Rica home rentals you can also find the privacy that you deserve. In these Costa Rica home rentals, you get pampered but you feel like at home.

Have Fun in Tamarindo: Amazing Activities You Can Do in this Beautiful Town

Tamarindo is a town where you can find luxury and beauty, but you can also have lots of fun; one of the popular activities you can do here, one of them is surfing. In fact, this area has hosted numerous international surfing competitions; surfing is actually one of the reasons many visitors come to this area. But this is not the only thing you can do in Costa Rica to have lots of fun.

Tamarindo Luxury Villas
Tamarindo Luxury Villas

Other water sports are also popular in Costa Rica; in addition to swimming, there are numerous other activities available. The clear waters of these beaches and the abundant marine life are perfect for going snorkeling and scuba diving; furthermore, you can find equipment and lessons if necessary. You can also go hiking, or mountain bike riding, or for a fun horseback ride along the beach.

The Continuous Development in Beautiful Tamarindo

The fact that tourism has become so important in Tamarindo has resulted in a big affluence of tourists; for this reason, there are more than numerous cafés and restaurants for tourists to choose from. Given the international influences, there are not  only typical establishments you can visit; there are also establishments that can satisfy tastes that seek for more international flavors.

Furthermore, in addition to services for tourists like new vacation rentals in Costa Rica, there are developments in public spaces. These spaces benefit the community and the tourists as well; one clear example is the construction of the Oneida Park. This park is an amazing development achievement; it will provide the community a public space for kids to practice sports.

In the Oneida Park, there will be a place to skate, practice basketball, and there will be places to seat and vegetation. This project, not only benefits the community, but it gives the town a new air of development and tourist appeal. Tamarindo has wonderful Costa Rica luxury villas, great natural attractions, and fun activities to practice; it is an amazing place to enjoy Costa Rica luxury vacations!

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