The Best Land Adventures you can do in Papagayo Costa Rica and more!

Peninsula Papagayo Costa Rica is an incredible area for tourism and going on great adventures! Given that this is a peninsula, water sports are very common; however, there are plenty of land adventures you can go on in Costa Rica.  Costa Rica has incredible national parks and wildlife reserves here you can appreciate nature; in addition, you can go on incredible land adventures.

Did you know that Costa Rica is home to close to 6% of the world’s biodiversity? This small country comprises about 0.03% of the world’s territory and has a rich biodiversity; that is a main reason for visitors of Costa Rica. Furthermore, there are 12 identifiable life zones in the country including cloud, dry, and rainforests; in these forests, there are many possibilities for extreme adventure.

The treetops represent a whole different habitat from that of the ground level, for example. In any forest, the wildlife and characteristics of the area vary depending on altitude. There are tours that include walks on hanging bridges and fun experiences like zip line tours. In these adventures at the canopy level, you will see animals you don’t see in the ground; plus, the sights are incredible!Papagayo Costa Rica


There are many different options in land adventures and many of the tours are simply a horseback ride or a hike; it sounds simple, but at the end of the day you’ll have been amazed in experiences you will never forget. In a horseback ride, for example, you will get to go past longer distances and see more different landscapes in less time. In addition, in these landscapes, you’ll see a very abundant wildlife.

Imagine riding a horse around the beautiful Costa Rican forests, riding through rivers or even swimming with them. It is a unique experience; furthermore, there are guided hikes and bike rides that will lead you to marvelous destinations. Imagine going through wonderful passages and arriving at the summit of a volcano and delighting from the hypnotizing sights.Papagayo Costa Rica

Just as there are beaches along the peninsula, there’s also the opportunity for you to visit lakes, rivers and waterfalls. Near the Papagayo Peninsula, you will get a chance to see the most impressive views and geographical features. Papagayo Costa Rica is conveniently located near incredible beaches and amazing mountainous and other types of landscapes; this is awesome!

There are many tours available to these incredible protected areas with such fabulous features; and these are usually the prizes of long hikes and incredible bike rides or horseback rides. Imagine a tour where you arrive in a magical waterfall, lake, hot spring or even boiling mud pool! The options in the nature reserves and national parks in nearby are endless; you will need more time to see everything!

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Other Adventures in Land in Papagayo Costa Rica

There are several national parks and nature reserves in Guanacaste, where Papagayo Costa Rica is located. Furthermore, besides the amazing options you have in them, there are other activities you can do. One of these is the Four Seasons golf, or tennis. This amazing resort has an incredible golf course and it has a total of 5 tennis courts; try the Four Seasons golf if you are a golf enthusiast!

Customers of the Four Seasons Resort and those staying in the Four Seasons timeshare rentals can enjoy these facilities. There are other adventures you can go on like going on a golf cart rental around the peninsula; the sights are amazing, and it is a fun ride.

Advantages of Choosing Papagayo Costa Rica as Main Destination

If you choose Papagayo Costa Rica as destination in your next trip, you will not regret it! For starters, it is conveniently located; it is very near the International Airport in Liberia which makes it a place of easy access. Another great advantage is that it has luxurious, renowned resorts as well as fabulous vacation home rentals. Four Seasons timeshare rentals are an example of it.Land Adventures

Furthermore, this area has been greatly developed and there are fabulous cafés, bars and restaurants for you to enjoy. Another great advantage is that you can easily find great transportation options in the area; the same property management companies that will find you your vacation home rentals, you can make transportation arrangements. There are is no downside to this place!

Papagayo Costa Rica is truly a place for adventure, luxury, and fun. In addition, these land adventures you can do are not even the most popular ones; there are several water adventures that will blow your mind and leave you wanting more! You will see, that you will feel the need to return for more!

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