The Advantages of Staying in the Tenorio Area: Costa Rica Luxury Vacations

When people think of Costa Rica luxury vacations, they usually think of beach; however, there is more to Costa Rica than beautiful beaches. Guanacaste Province, located Northwest of the country, has great options for accommodations by the coastline as well as towards the Central Valley. Staying by the beach is incredible, but there are some advantages to staying in the Tenorio Area.

The Tenorio Volcano National Park

This wonderful national park is located in both Guanacaste and Alajuela Provinces; it is rich in biodiversity and the sights and activities in the area are numerous. Firstly, the park’s biggest attraction is the volcano; though considered dormant and permits are required to get to the peak, many do hike up to the crater. Up there, the sights are amazing and the air is very clean.

The cloud forest, the varied wildlife and amazing geographical features attract many visitors every year. These features include hot springs and boiling mud pits, the Tenorio River, Celeste Waterfall and more. Danta lake is another beautifully magical spot in the park; all these amazing sights and activities like canopy tours, horseback rides and rafting draw tourists in like magnets every year.Costa Rica Luxury Vacations

Some Advantages of Staying in the Tenorio Area in your Costa Rica Luxury Vacations

Tenorio Volcano National Park is located in territories of two different provinces. On the West, it is located in Guanacaste, on the East, it is in Alajuela. It is basically located towards the middle of the country, which means it is near both coastlines: the Caribbean Sea Coastline and the Pacific Ocean Coastline. Furthermore, being in Guanacaste Province, the national park is near an international airport.

In Liberia city, there is an international airport which is where many tourists arrive in; the national park is located just a little over an hour by car and probably a little more by bus. On the contrary, if you arrive in Costa Rica through San Juan’s international airport, you can be in the Tenorio area in a couple of hours. In addition, it is located 2 hours away from the coastlines, so in little time you can also go to the beach.

2) Its Amazing Vacation Rentals Costa Rica

Tenorio area is certainly a place to enjoy the wonders of natural beauty; however, you can also enjoy amazing Costa Rica luxury vacations in the Tenorio area as well. In the middle of a true paradise sit amazing farmhouses almost as backyard to this incredible national park. The Vacation Rentals Costa Rica available in the Tenorio area are farmhouses that count with the biggest luxury and comfort.

The farmhouses of this area count with a luxurious design, all the necessary appliances, maintenance, and cleaning services; there are also food services and tourist activities offered. Whether you travel with a small or a big group, this is a fabulous option when choosing vacation rentals in Costa Rica. You can rent one or all of the vacation farm houses available in the big farm land.

Whether in the national park or in the area of the farmhouses, there are plenty of activities available for all the tourists’ entertainment. Horseback riding is very popular and you can do this around the farmhouse to get to know the area; or, you can do it in national park in tours to also get to know the park. These usually lead you to hot springs, a waterfall or lagoon.

There are other activities like hiking as well as water activities done at the lake, you can go fishing and paddle boarding and have lots of fun. The guides have all the necessary equipment you need and will provide you with the guidance necessary as well. Rafting in the Tenorio River is another amazing activity you will not forget. Plus, these tours usually finish with a picnic with delicious flavors.Costa Rica Rentals

Isn’t it Better to Stay on the Coastline?

It’s no secret the great wonders of staying in beachfront vacation rentals in Costa Rica; there is no comparison to waking up and walking out to a sea horizon in front of you. Nevertheless, it might be better to stay in Tenorio if you truly want to visit many places in Costa Rica. If you Costa Rica rentals in the Tenorio area, you are basically close to many parts of the country.

There are several national parks and nature reserves that nature lovers should not fail to visit; in this regard, staying in Costa Rica rentals in the Tenorio area will assure your proximity to many other destinations than if you stay on either coastline. Homes for rent in Costa Rica in Guanacaste are highly recommended, but you should give the Tenorio area a try.

If you seek a time of adventure in your Costa Rica luxury vacations, choose to stay in the Tenorio area; homes for rent in Costa Rica here will make you want to stay permanently.

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