An Amazing Luxury Vacation Costa Rica: Tamarindo Vacation Rentals and its Other Wonders

If you are planning on traveling and spending a Luxury Vacation Costa Rica, it’s highly recommended that you choose Tamarindo! This fabulous Costa Rican beach town has amazing tourist activities and services; it is located on the Pacific Coastline, and the best part, is that it has great accommodation options. This only feature will make your vacation an unforgettable experience!

A Town of Easy Access

The first thing you will have to do after arrival in Costa Rica is arrange transportation; this, in order to get to your specific destination, or you’ll have to take the one you have booked. Whatever the case is, you will notice soon after, that some of the roads are not in greatest shape; this does not necessarily respond to bad administration or lack of maintenance, but rather damaging weather conditions.

Costa Rica has two weather seasons, a dry and a rainy season, of which the latter is not that harsh; however, roads do suffer the consequences. In addition, some destinations include parts of dirt roads and even passing through creeks. In this sense, Tamarindo Beach has paved roads. Apart from all this, whether you arrive through Liberia or San José’s airports, you can take a flight to Tamarindo.

Its airport offers domestic flights which can help arrivals and departures be less troublesome and more comfortable.

Tourist Activities Available in Tamarindo

Although there are some awesome natural surroundings in land, the most popular activities take place in the water. Some of them include sea kayaking, boat rides, and the abundant marine life makes it perfect for sport fishing; nevertheless, the most popular activity is, without a doubt, surfing. Whether to practice for a while or simple lie on the sand and watch the surfers; it is amazing.

Tamarindo’s surfing conditions are excellent for amateur and experienced surfers alike; moreover, if you need lessons, or equipment, you will easily find it. Whether it’s equipment for surfing or for any other of these popular water activities, there are enough shops where you will find what you need. You can also find well-trained guides and even book these activities with the rental properties Costa Rica company you choose.

Tamarindo Vacation Rentals and its Fabulous Characteristics

Tamarindo is another of the Costa Rican cities with major tourist development; it’s truly a tropical paradise for Luxury Vacation Costa Rica. Though there are many options, the best are the fabulous beachfront Costa Rica villas rentals. These rental properties Costa Rica provide an unforgettable experience; you will feel like at home while enjoying all the perks of being pampered.Costa Rica Resorts

These amazing estates have private pools, they are located right by the beach and they represent privacy and comfort; with wonderful terraces to delight from the sunsets and spaces for barbecues and related activities, they are wonderful. These Costa Rica villas rentals can host almost 20 people; the beast thing is that you won’t feel crowded, quite the opposite, very comfortable.

Other Tourist Services

There are plenty of activities offered, but there are not just good natural conditions for practicing them; there are also great guides and facilities for your entertainment. Besides water sports, you can go on horseback riding, mountain biking and canopy tours; in addition, there are also fascinating golf courses. Whether you practice it or not, these courses will blow your mind.

Furthermore, giving the affluence of the area, there are many restaurants, cafés and bars; for this reason, you can go out and taste the local flavors. In addition, you can taste the dishes of international cuisine prepared by Costa Rican chefs. It is a good idea to leave the hotel or the rental home in order to mix in with the locals; you can also go dancing and enjoy the Costa Rican vibe.

Las Baulas Marine National Park

Besides the natural beauty of Tamarindo, you can visit the amazing Las Baulas Marine National Park. This is a place where you can enjoy nature and admire a magical ritual that takes place in the park; this is an important location as Leatherback sea turtles arrive to the shore of the park and lay their eggs.  Due to conservation issues, this area is strictly protected to ensure their preservation.

This is probably the biggest attraction of the area; imagine staying in a fabulous Costa Rica villa rental and heading to a fabulous day in the forest. There are many activities you can do here, and if you are a nature lover, you won’t regret it. The area is highly protected though, the eggs are very vulnerable and the access to the area in some parts is very much monitored.

Tamarindo is an amazing destination in Costa Rica; you can have an amazing vacation, imagine a Costa Rica villa rental, great beaches, a national park and nighttime entertainment. It is the perfect place for your luxury vacation Costa Rica, so make up your mind, and visit it!

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