Tennis and Golf in the Costa Rica Four Seasons: Costa Rica Luxury Vacations

Costa Rica luxury vacations are possible as well as vacations on a low budget. However, if you choose luxury vacations, some of the activities might be different. Instead of saving a few dollars on a room, stay in one of the most amazing resorts in Costa Rica; the Costa Rica Four Seasons. In this resort or the Costa Rica villa rentals in Papagayo Costa Rica you have access to golf and tennis.

Playing Tennis in Costa Rica

There are many outdoors activities you can do in Costa Rica, but you may not necessarily like extreme sports. If you are a tennis enthusiast, for example, the Guanacaste Province and the Papagayo Peninsula is the perfect destination for you. At the Costa Rica Four Seasons Resort, you will find the most incredible infrastructure for traditional sports like tennis.

Some people enjoy cardiovascular exercise but not necessarily extreme adventures in the forest; if you prefer the comfort of a tennis court, you will find an amazing total of five in this resort. The tennis complex is located in the Golf Club of the resort. If you are staying in the resort or the Costa Rica villa rentals in Papagayo Costa Rica you can access the courts from 7am to 6pm.

About the Facilities

The incredible courts include four made with Har-Tru clay and 1 that was recently built with real grass. If you don’t have racquets, balls or shoes, don’t worry; remember that you can rent the equipment you may need. Furthermore, if you have never played lessons, or simply want some guidance, there are tennis lessons available. Tennis is a fun game, and you can learn the moves relatively quick.

Furthermore, there are restringing services available if you need the as well as the ball machine service; both are available with a small fee. There is also a pro-shop in the facilities so if you need to buy something, you don’t even need to leave the place. Playing tennis in the beautiful Costa Rica will get you the relaxation you deserve.

Playing Golf in Costa Rica

Playing golf in Costa Rica is the maximum luxurious sporting experience; the designs of the courses are amazing and the landscapes surrounding them, even more so. Many stay in the Papagayo Peninsula in villa rentals or a resort for Costa Rica luxury vacations; if this is your case, there are three fabulous golf courses nearby. One is in Papagayo Costa Rica, another is near Tamarindo and the other in Conchal Beach.

These golf courses in Costa Rica have an oceanic background that you cannot compare: views of the Pacific Ocean; not only are you having an amazing experience playing golf, the views are also amazing. Furthermore, in the Papagayo Peninsula, for example, you can also rent a golf cart and go on a fun ride around the area. It is another service you can hire.

About the Facilities

The amazing golf course in the Costa Rica Four Seasons is also accessible for customers as well as for those of Papagayo Villa rentals. It is an Arnold Palmer Signature Course and it is actually considered one of top 100 of the world; Golf Digest ranked it. It is a beautiful territory, an 18-hole paradise. The view of the Pacific Ocean, the vegetation and even animals will amaze you.

The course is actually surrounded by incredible forests which house numerous animal species that can be seen on the course. It is an incredible experience; you can relax, enjoy the luxury and the beauty of nature. In addition, there are other golf courses worth visiting. Near the beautiful beach of Tamarindo, and at the Conchal Reserve, you can also play golf.Golf Costa Rica

Furthermore, if you truly are a golf enthusiast and wish to visit the three courses, tours can be arranged. It doesn’t matter if you are staying in Papagayo Costa Rica, or the villa rentals of Tamarindo or Conchal Beaches; you can contact the property management companies and arrange the trip. Playing golf is a hobby that not many have the pleasure of doing and this is a great place for it.

Are there other activities you Can Do in Costa Rica Luxury Vacations?

There are plenty of activities you can do; these are actually not the most popular. Nevertheless, not everyone has the same taste; and not everyone is meant to enjoy extreme sports or activities in direct contact with nature. Although there are many incredible natural attractions in Costa Rica; it’s ok if you enjoy a different kind of tourism.

If this is your case, then the facilities of the Costa Rica resorts ill amaze you; moreover, if you are tennis or a golf enthusiast, then you will have a great time here. You can have incredible Costa Rica Luxury Vacations, just book your flight and go on the adventure!

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