Santa Teresa Vacation Rentals and other Reasons to Visit This Costa Rican Town

Santa Teresa is a small beach town located in the Nicoya Peninsula. This town is part of Puntarenas Province towards the North near Guanacaste Province. As opposed to many of the beach towns along the Pacific Coast that are very well-developed, Santa Teresa is not. It is still a simple small town; however, you can find amazing lodging options and you surely won’t miss out on luxury and comfort.

Great Reasons to Visit Santa Teresa in your Costa Rica Luxury Vacations

Santa Teresa Beach has a great location; it borders with the Pacific Coast and it is near the Nicoya Peninsula tip. It is also near the Nicoya Gulf and amazing national parks and reserves. This town may have been once and still be a small town; however, it is now starting to grow and tourism is slowly becoming a bigger source of income.

  1. Cabo Blanco Absolute Natural Reserve

This nature reserve is a part of the Tempisque Conservation Area. It is located to the southern part of the Nicoya Peninsula and it covers near to 3000 acres of territory. It is mostly characterized by presenting a tropical dry forest with a rich wildlife. Cabo Blanco was actually Costa Rica’s first National Park, founded in 1963. You can find isolated magical beaches of white sand in this reserve.home rentals

The park has amazing hiking trails that will lead you to magical destinations; its rich biodiversity is thoroughly looked after with great concern as this area was once exploited for agricultural purposes. The vast territories of forests were starting to diminish which caused the creation of this project; the intention of this park’s creation was to protect these forests from deforestation for farming purposes.

  1. Barra Honda National Park

This park is also a port of the Tempisque Conservation Area; it is located near the Tempisque River which passes through Cabo Blanco Absolute Natural Reserve. The biggest conservation concerns of the park are the cave systems in it; it has limestone caverns with calcareous formations. This underground attraction makes this park a unique attraction you cannot fail to visit.

Furthermore, this unique trait of the park has also given way for an abundant but different animal species; nature and animal lovers specifically will be amazed. Also, the park’s not far from Santa Teresa Vacation Rentals, so there is no excuse for missing out on it. Some of the caves in the park are Santa Ana, La Trampa, the Nicoya and Pozo Hediondo. The latter is has numerous bat colonies.

  1. Diriá National Park

This national park is located in the Guanacaste Province in its Southern part in the Nicoya Peninsula. It is also a part of Tempisque Conservation Area and it has wonderful tropical dry and rainforests; furthermore, it has a rich wildlife with numerous animal species. The park counts with magical rivers that make up breathtaking landscapes.

One of the biggest attractions of Santa Teresa is its great conditions for surfing. Although there may not be an official classification for these waves, the conditions are good for beginners and experts. The rainy or green season specially has better waves for experts, but they could be a little strong for beginners.Luxury Vacations Costa Rica

Besides the water sports you can try; there are plenty of activities for you to do in land, mostly in these national parks and other nature reserves. In those parks’ amazing forests you can do; you can go hiking in its wonderful trails, you can go horseback riding and also try the fabulous canopy tours.

Santa Teresa is still a small beach town; however, it is starting to grow. If you are looking for Costa Rica luxury vacations or if you are on a tighter budget, there are options: you can find Costa Rica luxury rental homes and simpler vacation home rentals, as well as hotels. Besides these amazing lodging options which you can find with property management Costa Rica, there are other good services.

Costa Rica Rentals

The recent development of the area has resulted in the construction of new bars, restaurants and cafés. If you are staying in Costa Rica luxury rental homes, you don’t have to worry about cooking; you can even hire your own private chef. However, though these vacation home rentals are amazing, you might want to go out and experience the ‘pura vida’ lifestyle.

Santa Teresa is a jewel of a town that has marvelous natural attractions and is slowly becoming a big tourist hub. With the services of property management Costa Rica you will be able to find the best Santa Teresa Vacation Rentals; don’t over think it, and visit the wonderful Costa Rica!

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