Museums, Petroglyphs and Nature in Guanacaste Staying in Luxury Vacation Rentals Costa Rica

It is not too difficult to find luxury vacation rentals Costa Rica. However, what many people don’t know is that Costa Rica is not just about national parks and beaches. Costa Rica does indeed have amazing beaches and wonderful national parks; nevertheless, there are other sides to Costa Rica. This country possesses a rich history and culture; the common natural attractions are just one part of this country’s beauty.

Museums of Costa Rica

Guanacaste is a popular province due to its amazing national parks and beaches. However; there is one museum worth mentioning and that you should not fail to visit: la Casona. Located in Santa Rosa National Park, this museum celebrates freedom and it is of great historical importance.home rentals

Did you know and improvised army of volunteers fought against American invaders?

The museum’s located in the biggest national park of Costa Rica, it is a destination you don’t want to miss.

Petroglyphs and More Amazing Attractions

There are not only adventure tours when you travel to Costa Rica; there are also cultural tours. Since there have been rocks found with symbols engraved, there are even tours where you get to see them. A nice hike through wonderful passages that lead to cultural attractions such as old petroglyphs is also a great experience. A prepared guide will take you through an amazing adventure to see them.

Nature from a Different Perspective

  1. Nature from the Treetops

Costa Rica is famous for its zip line adventures. Did you know that treetops are considered to be a different habitat from the ground level? There are even animals which even do not descend to the ground level unless it is extremely necessary. Costa Rica is famous for its canopy tours and aerial rides. Here, tourists get to experience a relaxing or adventurous ride from a literally higher perspective.

  1. Nature Underwater

Given the fact that Costa Rica is very concerned with natural conservation; marine life is abundant and thoroughly protected. For this reason, the many water activities you can do in the clear waters of Costa Rica include watching marine life. Surfing, sea kayaking and others overwater are popular; however, scuba diving and snorkeling are also very popular. The conditions are given for a variety of water sports here.


The Amazing Luxury Vacation Rentals Costa Rica

Did you know luxury vacation Rentals Costa Rica have gained as much popularity as the best resorts? Among visitors from all over the world, Costa Rica luxury rental homes such as Costa Rica luxury villas are booming. Considered to be just as good if not better by many, Costa Rica house rentals are of the most sought out options by tourists.

For those seeking to spend Costa Rica luxury vacations and would like a more private experience, this option suits perfectly. The amazing Costa Rica luxury villas or apartments—whatever you choose to rent—count with personalized attention for your pleasure. A special concierge and VIP services are available to help make the trip the best luxurious experience you deserve. Santa Teresa Vacation Rentals

Other Services in Costa Rica

Costa Rica has developed greatly over the last years in order to ensure tourist satisfaction. Places like Papagayo Peninsula, Playa Hermosa, Tamarindo, Santa Teresa and others have become crowded but also filled with tourist services. Casinos, bars and restaurants are more than enough or usually at a short driving distance from most popular locations. Whether you seek relaxing vacations or an active fiesta, there are several options.

National Parks and Beaches

As the most attractive features of Costa Rica, beaches and national parks basically need no advertising. However, an important suggestion may be visiting the national parks of the Guanacaste Province.  They are near the Liberia international airport and have good options in Costa Rica luxury rental homes nearby. You can have a natural experience while staying in luxurious Costa Rica house rentals.

The beaches along the Pacific coastline are also located near housing complexes where you can spend Costa Rica luxury vacations. Did you know that Costa Rica is famous for hosting world surfing championships? The amazing conditions for surfing attract visitors from all over the world; learners and professionals have equal options surfing here.Costa Rica Vacation Rentals

Adventure Tours in Costa Rica

Costa Rica is popular for its many adventure tours; you can get in touch with nature while having fun. If you need to escape from routine and experience fun in the forest or beach, Costa Rica’s the perfect setting. National parks, beaches and the wonderful cities of Costa Rica ensure a wonderful experience. There is room for those who seek excitement, but also for those who seek to relax.

Costa Rica is an amazing place, with countless attractions for tourists from all over the world. With Luxury Vacation Rentals Costa Rica becoming popular and tourist services in general enhancing, it’s a perfect place for vacations.

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