Santa Teresa Vacation Rentals and the Best of this Costa Rican Beach Town

This beautiful tourist destination offers excitement, good food services, amazing natural beauty and great Santa Teresa vacation rentals. The beach town, located to the North of Puntarenas Province in the Nicoya Peninsula, offers its visitors not only beautiful landscapes and an attractive biodiversity, but tourist services of great quality due to its recently growing development.

The beach town is located near the Juan Santa Maria International Airport near the capital of the country, San José. The main tourist attraction is the surf, which actually draws in many people worldwide. The beach town, which was initially just a fishing town, is now an important tourist destination, as well as the nearby beach of Mal Pais that also attracts many tourists and is known for being a surfing destination.

How are Accommodation Options and Santa Teresa Vacation Rentals?

This area may have a few options for tighter budgets as well as more luxurious choices, different from what happens in other popular places where new and only high-class and very luxurious lodging complexes are being built. There are amazing Costa Rica house rentals in Santa Teresa where the best options are probably the Costa Rica luxury villas that face the Pacific Ocean.

Santa Teresa Vacation Rentals

In these Costa Rica luxury rental homes you can have all the best services that you expect to receive in a five-star hotel and more. The service of specialty concierge, alongside the cleaning and maintenance services, allow you to enjoy privacy without the smallest concern in any of those responsibilities of the daily routine. Furthermore, private pools, patios and private chef services and more, are just a few of the amazing features these homes have.

What are the Main Tourist Activities to Do in this Wonderful Beach Town?

On the one hand, the activities that draw more attention from tourists are, firstly, surf. The great conditions of Santa Teresa and the neighboring Mal Pais attract expert and amateur surfers every year. Probably the best season to visit these beaches for experts is during the rainy or “ green” season, from May December; which is a time for beginners to look out for dangerous waves.Tamarindo Vacation Rentals

Secondly, other great activities besides surfing include going horseback riding, going on canopy tours and doing zip lining, hiking and other water activities such as snorkeling and kayaking are also popular here. Nearby Santa Teresa Vacation Rentals you can do many of these activities which is an advantage; other interesting options in tourist activities include ATV tours and going on turtle nesting tours.

What are the Main Tourist Destinations in the Area of Santa Teresa – Mal Pais?

The main tourist destination in the area is probably the Cabo Blanco Natural Reserve, which is located near Mal Pais in the Tempisque Conservation Area. The park contains a transitional area between the dry and the wet forests that characterize its flora; and a rich biodiversity that attracts many animal lovers. It is home to the San Miguel Biological Station which promotes natural conservation.

How is the Flora and Fauna of the Area?

The transitional areas of forest that go from wet to dry, make up a combination of species of trees, featuring evergreen trees as well as those of the deciduous type, resulting in fascinating landscapes. Indio Desnudo, Pochote, Guacimo, Espavel and Cortez Amarillo are some of the species of trees of the region.Costa Rica Vacation Rentals

Regarding the fauna of the region; the marine life on the one side is very rich. From fish to mollusks and crabs, to orcas and many marine birds, not only the seaside has an abundant wildlife. The landside is famous for many animal species from which howler and white-face monkeys stand out, as well as white-tailed deer, coyotes and the white-nosed coati.

Food Services in the Region

The arrival of foreigners to this area has promoted the establishment of many places to satisfy all types of tastes. From Costa Rican typical food to international cuisine, the options in Santa Teresa will not disappoint any member of your traveling group, there is something for everyone.


There are some bars with a beach relaxing vibe near the beach where you can go to relax, have a few drinks and end the day with a delightful cocktail enjoying the tropical life. These places usually attract many tourists.

Santa Teresa is a great destination for Costa Rica luxury vacations. The options in Costa Rica luxury rental homes are amazing and least, those with tighter budgets can still find some options. However, the luxurious choices in Costa Rica house rentals are the best recommendations, more specifically the Costa Rica luxury villas that have such amazing features.Santa Teresa Vacation Rentals

Santa Teresa vacation rentals are of the highest quality and will definitely make a difference; however, all the natural amazing tourist attractions make their part making this an amazing beach town to visit if you are seeking to spend Costa Rica luxury vacations.

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