Costa Rica Luxury Vacations in Easter

Costa Rica luxury vacations are fine idea in any time of the year; however, if you are traveling in Easter, there are some factors you might want to know about. Remember that traveling during holidays can result in a change in the number or travelers, in prices, traffic and weather. If you don’t enjoy crowded locations and want to avoid some weather-related difficulties, consider the following:

How and when is Easter Celebrated in Costa Rica?

Costa Ricans celebrate Holy Week (Semana Santa) before the Sunday of Easter. This week, the official celebrations take place on Thursday and Friday of that week; however, Ticos usually take the whole week off. This year, Sunday March 25 marks the beginning of Holy Week and it is when the celebrations start. Given that Costa Rica is a very religious country, celebrations are held throughout the country.

Depending on the city, you will most likely encounter processions which will be larger in proportion to the city. Guanacaste Province is the preferred area for tourists to visit; however, if you are specifically looking to see the biggest procession, you can pay a quick visit to San José. Processions held in Costa Rica reenact Jesus’ journey towards crucifixion. It is a serious event.

Will your Costa Rica Luxury Vacations Be Crowded Vacations?

Most likely, yes.  This is probably the most crowded season of the year for several reasons. On the one hand, there is Holy Week celebration; majority of Ticos are also on vacations and travelling to the beach. On the other hand, there are also many international tourists arriving, the majority from the north. This is Costa Rica’s high season, but it is also the dry season, which attracts many. Costa Rica Luxury Vacations

Given that during Costa Rica’s summer or “dry season” it is winter up in the North, there are many visitors coming in escaping from the cold temperatures. This means that there are a lot of national and international travelers and there are traffic jams due to processions. Besides, the big affluence of tourists means the beaches will be packed, so consider these important factors.

How will the Prices be During Easter in Costa Rica?

Easter coincides with the tourist high season; therefore, everything is a little more crowded, reservations are hard to get and prices are a little higher. You have to know that if you are looking for Costa Rica luxury vacations, others are also after amazing experience. Thus, the recommendation is to start planning your trip from this moment and arranging your Easter trip.

There are amazing Costa Rica house rentals in the Guanacaste Province and there are actually incredible Costa Rica luxury villas. You can check these Costa Rica luxury rental homes online and advisably, start booking from this moment. As many wish to escape from the harsh weather of the north, prices might be higher; but you will not regret the experience.Luxury Vacation Rentals Costa Rica

Traffic in Easter Vacations in Costa Rica

There are advantages and disadvantages to being on the road in Costa Rica in Easter. On the one hand, there are many traffic jams. These jams may occur due to the Holy Week processions in which there are lots of people on the streets; or simply due to a more crowded season. This may be a disadvantage, but it is not all so bad.

When you are travelling in the summer the roads are not in such a bad shape. Did you know that there are two seasons in Costa Rica? Besides the dry season there is a “green season” or rainy season. In this season, or right after it ends, the rods are not in its best shape and landslides have usually made damages to the road. Easter is long after the green season; at least there are no landslides or so many potholes.

Weather in Costa Rica during Easter

During Easter and Holy Week, the weather is in its best conditions for doing tourism in Costa Rica. This means that it is very unlikely that it will rain; so you don’t have to worry about heavy showers during a hike or amazing canopy tours. These amazing conditions make up for the other disadvantages you might consider that traveling during this time has. Crowded locations, high prices and traffic jams are all worth it.

There may be some pros and cons to traveling to Costa Rica during this time; however, it might actually be the best time to travel and to get in touch with the amazing Tico culture. The Costa Rica house rentals available are amazing, so hurry up and get in touch with the property management Costa Rica to choose one of the Costa Rica luxury rental homes of your choice.

Check out the incredible Costa Rica luxury villas which are the most recommended by the property management Costa Rica; prepare to spend awesome Costa Rica Luxury Vacations!

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