Costa Rica Luxury Vacations and Sports: the 2nd Ironman 70.3

Sports lovers attending the 2nd Ironman 70.3 and spending Costa Rica luxury vacations will have the time of their lives. This 2018, Coco Beach receives the best runners/bikers/swimmers in a challenging experience with an amazing natural background; the location is also equipped with the best tourist services and facilities for everyone attending. It will be a race in a tropical paradise.

What is the Ironman 70.3?

It is a triathlon in which the number makes reference to the sum of the distances run, swum and ridden (70.3 miles). In the popular Ironman competition the distances double up and the running competition, for example, equals a marathon; therefore, this competition, where the distances are half of it, is also known as Half Ironman.

Costa Rica Luxury Vacations

How many Ironman 70.3 have taken place in Costa Rica?

2018 will be the second edition of this challenging race. 2017 was the first edition of the race in Costa Rica which took place in Coco Beach.  The amazing experience was held in June and the first place was in the hands of American Kevin Collington. The winner expressed that he felt gratitude of having participated; he also expressed that conditions were challenging due to the humidity.

How is the Host City of the Ironman 70.3 Costa Rica?

Coco Beach in Guanacaste Province is the great host of this difficult race. The beach has white-gray sand and the town has an ongoing growth that favors the tourism industry over all. Coco Beach’s temperature is around the 92ºF in April and it descends about 3ºF in May; May sees the start of the rainy or green season in Costa Rica, which is a factor influencing temperature.

The Ironman 70.3 race takes place in June, so the temperature may range between 74ºF and 86º. Coco Beach, nevertheless, has an excellent weather all year-round and its sea waters have a blue-gray tint. The town is known for its bars and restaurants, plus a vibe of an ongoing fiesta with foreigners and Ticos. Coco Beach has an active nightlife where foreigners can interact with locals.Costa Rica Luxury Vacations

Can you Truly Spend Costa Rica Luxury Vacations in Coco Beach?

Did you know Coco Beach is one of the best destinations you can choose in a trip to Costa Rica? This beach town has undergone great tourist development in infrastructure and tourist services; spending Costa Rica Luxury Vacations in Coco Beach is guaranteed. Transportation services, as well as great lodging options for the luxurious tastes, are also available; you will find everything here.

How are the Accommodation Options in Coco Beach?

Nearby you will find the most amazing resorts; however, another great option is that of Costa Rica luxury rental homes. Coco Beach has some of the best Costa Rica luxury villas and vacation home rentals in general. Just as in the best resorts, the incredible services provided in Costa Rica house rentals make you feel pampered; furthermore, you feel like you are in your own home.

Counting with luxurious appliances and exquisitely designed estates, services like maintenance and cleaning are not missed. The companies in charge of managing these Costa Rica luxury rental homes provide all the services you receive in a hotel; private chef services, for example, are available. The experience feels like a vacation far away with the comfort of your own home.Vacation Rental Homes

The Other Services You Can Have with Vacation Home Rentals

As previously mentioned, you will not miss the services you get in a luxurious hotel. Whether it is cleaning, maintenance or food services, it will be easy for you to acquire these exclusive services. Furthermore, transportation services and activities for tourists are services you can acquire with these exclusive services as well. You will not have a thing to worry about.

Other Features that will Attract Visitors to Coco Beach

Ironman 70.3 and great tourist services are the only reasons attracting visitors; its natural beauty and great adventure tours available also contribute to such affluence. One of the main reasons people visit the area is to pass by the fascinating Las Baulas Marine National Park. This park allows visitors to witness a magical ritual, that of the arribadas of 3 kinds of sea turtles.

Besides the Ironman 70.3, other activities attract tourists to Coco Beach, as is the case of surfing. Nearby are surfing spots; Witch’s Rock and Ollie’s Point are two popular surfing destinations. Besides, other water activities like sport fishing are also popular in the area among tourists.Luxury Vacations Costa Rica

Coco Beach is a tremendously popular tourist destination and events like the Ironman 70.3 are only making it more popular. This is a perfect place for a big event like this, because the town is beautiful; furthermore, it’s prepared to receive many visitors, especially those wanting to take the opportunity to spend Costa Rica Luxury Vacations. Costa Rica luxury villas and Costa Rica house rentals in general are also amazing here.

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