3 Things you Didn’t Know about Guanacaste Province, Costa Rica: Costa Rica Luxury Vacations

If you are planning on spending Costa Rica luxury vacations, Guanacaste Province is considered to be the most tourist-oriented area.  There are 7 provinces in Costa Rica, of which Guanacaste is the only one with a capital city with a different name. This province is located to the Northwest of the country and it is the favorite location for tourists worldwide. Here are some things you should know about it:

1.     A Little Background

Did you know that this province has this name because of the national tree of the same name? Guanacaste has been the name of reference throughout all the name changes the region has had, given the numerous trees that characterize the area. This province borders with Alajuela and Puntarenas Provinces as well as with Nicaragua and the Pacific Ocean.Costa Rica Luxury Vacations

There are many amazing beaches in Guanacaste as well as in land attractions; all this, plus having an international airport, make Guanacaste a promising tourist destination. The area is undergoing drastic development, most of all in the Papagayo Gulf; however, development is monitored in order to advance in synchrony with environmental government policies.

2.     Natural Attractions of the Area

  1. National Parks

Given Costa Rica’s environmentalist policies and abundant wildlife, national parks are a big attraction for this country. These are protected areas where you can witness some of the last unspoiled forests of the planet; here, you can have fun and delight from a close encounter with nature. Furthermore, there are several adventure tours you can go on in these parks.

To the North of the province, there are two amazing National Parks: Santa Rosa and Guanacaste National Parks. To the South, there is Palo Verde National Park, and to the West, there is Marine Las Baulas National Park. In Costa Rica’s National Parks you can go on amazing adventures and witness the conservation programs for animal species like the one of the Leatherback sea turtles.

  1. Nature Reserves in Guanacaste

Just as there are government-run national parks, there are also private nature reserves, most of them result of the effort of nature enthusiasts. Some have been created in order to preserve specific habitats or animal species, some created to preserve plant species, etc.; they are all part of the country’s effort to promote ecotourism and preserve natural resources.Luxury Vacation Costa Rica

In Guanacaste, Costa Rica Luxury Vacations visiting nature reserves will be an awesome adventure, there are a few. First is Ostional National Wildlife Refuge, where specifically the Olive Ridley sea turtle is protected. There is also Lomas de Barbudal located near Bagaces city and adjacent to Palo Verde National Park. Santa Elena Cloud Forest Reserve is also another option in Guanacaste.

  1. The Beautiful Guanacaste Beaches

Did you know that there are amazing beaches along the Pacific Coastline? However, it is also important to consider all aspects including accommodations, and some beaches have it all.  Starting with Papagayo Peninsula; Peninsula Papagayo vacation rentals include amazing Costa Rica luxury villas and all types of Costa Rica luxury rental homes like condos.

Besides the beaches of Papagayo Peninsula, there are many others with great options in Costa Rica house rentalsSome of these beaches are: Playa Hermosa, Playa Ocotal, Playas del Coco and Tamarindo. These are popular tourist destinations, not only because of the possibilities their natural beauty offers, but also for their services. These places have some of the best Costa Rica luxury rental homes.

3.     Liberia

This is the capital of the Province and an important destination. For starters, Liberia is home to International Airport Daniel Oduber Quiros and to many businesses; restaurants, cafés and others are not hard to find. Hence, the city is very important transportation-wise. However, this is not just a stopping point for those who arrive in Liberia to then continue to other destinations.Vacation Home Rentals

Liberia is also home to a rich culture and it has some attractions. Africa Mia Park is a safari-like park where you can see several animal species in a close encounter and the famous “Casona de Santa Rosa” is also located in Liberia. There are also cultural trips you can go on to learn about Costa Rican history and there are national parks and even volcanoes nearby.

Why Guanacaste as your Destination for your next Costa Rica Luxury Vacations?

If you visit Costa Rica, you will find beauty and adventure throughout all its territory. Nevertheless, the tourist development of the country is mostly occurring in the Guanacaste Province. Believe it or not, the experience in this region is different because the vibe aims for tourists’ entertainment. Starting with the amazing Peninsula Papagayo vacation rentals the options are unbelievable.

The tourist growth has resulted in the construction of incredible Costa Rica house rentals of which the fabulous Costa Rica luxury villas are gaining popularity. Spending the greatest Costa Rica luxury vacations can only be in the Guanacaste Province, so pack your bags and head on to a unique adventure!

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