Three Volcanoes you Can Visit Near Papagayo Peninsula in Costa Rica Luxury Vacations

Costa Rica luxury vacations are a great idea if you enjoy marvelous natural attractions and delight from comfort and luxury; this country is home to incredible natural attractions that attract visitors from all over the world. There are different identifiable life zones with a varied fauna and flora in Costa Rica; furthermore, there are around 200 volcanic formations throughout its territory.

The 3 Volcanoes you Can Visit Near Papagayo Peninsula in your Costa Rica Luxury Vacations:

Costa Rica is a country with 3 different identifiable volcanic ranges: the Talamanca Range, the Central Volcanic Range and the Guanacaste Range. Of the three, the latter, located in the province of the same name, has 5 volcanoes; of those 5 volcanoes, there are 3 positioned the closest to the Northwest. Thus, you can stay in the fabulous Peninsula Papagayo vacation rentals and visit them.

It is located in the national park of the same name which is a part of the Guanacaste Conservation Area,.m. This volcano’s last reported eruption occurred in 1983; however, there was a small emission of ash and lava reported in 1991. Rincon de La Vieja Volcano is a majestic natural attraction that hikers enjoy; after a hike of 6 miles, they can reach the summit and delight from the view of the Nicoya Peninsula.

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Then name of the volcano, which in English translated into “Corner of the Old Woman”, refers to an old local legend. For visitors expecting to climb up the summit, it is better to visit between November and April; however, the access to the crater at the peak is currently restricted due to volcanic activity. The way up the summit changes from montane tropical forest to dwarf cloud forest.

Tourist Attractions, Activities, and Services of the Area

Rincon de La Vieja volcano is reported to have great geothermal activity: this results in several hot pools and boiling mud pits, along with other features of this nature which make the area seem like a real paradise. There are waterfalls, hot springs including a sulfuric hot spring as well as streams where you can freshen up. All these water features make it a great destination for swimming, relaxing and sightseeing.

The flora and fauna of the area are also very fascinating; do not be surprised if in your Costa Rica luxury vacations you get to see monkeys, sloths or even jaguars. Horseback riding is a popular activity under good weather conditions; regarding lodging options, however, it is best that you stay in Peninsula Papagayo vacation rentals. You can camp in the national park, but it is not quite a luxurious option.

This volcano is located in the neighboring Guanacaste National Park and it is the first volcano from North to South; then, Rincon de la Vieja Volcano follows. This volcano, as opposed to Rincon de La Vieja Volcano, is a dormant one; its last eruption is believed to have occurred around 3,500,000 b.C.  There is a biological research station at the base of the volcano called Maritza Biological Station.

The name of the volcano is of Chorotega origins, a native Costa Rican group of people of the area; records dating from Spanish colonization around the 1500s mention the word “Orosí” although with a different spelling.  The area is of great archeological importance given that several stone slabs with petroglyphs have been found.

Tourist Attractions of the Area

The sights of the area are amazing given the wonderful flora and fauna; there are several bird species, jaguars and pumas, and regarding plant species, they are numerous as well. There are camping options; however, not the most luxurious. It’s best that you contact the property management Costa Rica and book any of the Costa Rica luxury rental homes.

Options of luxury vacation rentals Costa Rica towards the South along the Pacific coastline are much better.

  • Miravalles Volcano

This volcano is located near Bagaces town and it is the highest summit of the Guanacaste Volcanic Range. This is an inactive volcano; however, there is important secondary activity that includes fumaroles, boiling mud pits, etc. Its name is actually one that substituted the original which is reported to have been “Cuipilapa”; an indigenous term.

Accommodation Options of the Area

Miravalles Volcano is located near Bagaces town which does have good options in luxury vacation rentals Costa Rica. Nevertheless, if you are looking for beach front options in Costa Rica luxury rental homes, there are better ones. You can contact the property management Costa Rica and make reservations in nearby towns like Playa Hermosa, or Las Catalinas; the best options are there.

Costa Rica has amazing natural features as well as several lodging options; nevertheless, you cannot just stay anywhere if you seek comfort and luxury. In this regard, it is advisable that you make reservations in a beach front town with great tourist development; during the day, you can visit the amazing natural attractions. You can have an amazing tie in your Costa Rica luxury vacations.

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