A Visit to Lake Arenal in your Costa Rica Luxury Vacations

Costa Rica luxury vacations are a great idea for a family trip, for a work trip, or a romantic getaway. However, it’s important to remember that in Costa Rica adventure and nature prevail and you don’t want to miss out; in this sense, there are great natural attractions where you can have an amazing time. Among the many amazing natural features, Lake Arenal is just one.

Where is Lake Arenal Located?

Lake Arenal has an interesting history as it is now located where the Old Arenal town once was. After a flood resulting from the levels of the lake rising, Old Arenal was destroyed and is now underwater; the New Arenal town is now relocated towards the Northeast of the lake. The lake is placed right on the division of Alajuela and Guanacaste Province with the majority of it in the territory of the latter.Luxury Vacation Costa Rica

The lake is located in between the Tenorio Volcano National Park and the Children’s Eternal Rainforest Private Reserve; the first borders it by the Northwest and the second by the Southeast. The lake is near Lomas de Barbudal and Palo Verde National Parks, and Dr. Rafael Lucas Rodriguez Caballero Wildlife Refuge; it is also located near the city of Bagaces and the Nicoya Gulf.

What Fun Activities Can You Do in LakeArenal?

Lake Arenal is a great destination for many water activities. The conditions are great for practicing several sports from November to May regarding the winds; some of these activities are: kitesurfing, windsurfing, Stand up paddling, kayaking and the increasingly more popular, wakeboarding. Fishing is also a popular activity in the lake.

The activities in the lake are obviously water-related; however, there are many other things you can do in this area. This is a rich area regarding biodiversity, reason why bird watching is also a popular practice in the region; in addition, other activities to enjoy these landscapes such as hiking, bike riding and horseback riding are also popular.

Are there Good Lodging Options for Costa Rica Luxury Vacations Nearby?

There are great lodging options throughout the wwhole country; nevertheless, if you are truly looking for the most luxurious and comfortable options, you might want to go towards the Pacific Coast. The distance may not be the shortest, but the facilities for spending your nights are worth the long ride. Costa Rica Luxury Vacations can mix a wonderful beachfront view with the wonders of forests and lakes.Costa Rica Luxury Vacations

The best options are surely in the Guanacaste Province; there are amazing Costa Rica luxury rental homes with great infrastructure, along with a great design, services and natural surroundings. Some of these towns are Las Catalinas, Tamarindo, Ocotal Beach and others; they may be more than an hour away Eastward, but once you see them you will not mind the ride.

Las Catalinas Vacation Rentals

Las Catalinas is a very peculiar town; it is one of the few in the world that has been designed under New Urbanism Principles. You can visit this wonderful town that is free of vehicles and has been planned to enhance a pedestrian lifestyle; the terrible sound or polluting carbon monoxide of cars will not bother you. In Las Catalinas, the main road that facilitates access is the only one that allows motor vehicles.

Stay in a beachfront villa West of Las Catalinas in Playa Danta and enjoy the view of the Pacific Ocean; it’s an excellent choice if you choose Las Catalinas Vacation Rentals.Las Catalinas Vacation Rentals

Tamarindo Vacation Rentals

Tamarindo is a beautiful town that has gone through very noticeable development; for this reason, there is a broad set of options regarding accommodations if you choose this destination. Tamarindo was originally a laid-back and calm destination that due to tourist development has grown greatly; in this sense, there are surely options, and its Costa Rica luxury rental homes stand out.

Tamarindo vacation rentals might include several types of estates; nevertheless, the inclredibly luxurious beachfront villas are out of this world. The luxurious and comfortably designed estates in magical surroundings will make you more than comfortable.

Playa Ocotal Vacation Rentals

Ocotal Beach is near the popular Coco Beach (Playas del Coco in Spanish) which is characterized by its active nightlife; although it is not as Coco Beach regarding party vibe, it has great restaurants, cafes, bars and necessary services. Playa Ocotal Vacation Rentals are also amazing; of the available options a group of beachfront vacation rental apartments in great surroundings stand out.Costa Rica Luxury Vacations

Costa Rica luxury vacations are the way to spend a vacation in this country; there are so many incredible options to ensure comfort that you don’t want to miss out and choose wrongly. There may be some options closer to Lake Arenal than these; however, if you seek quality, the options presented are the best you will find and not as far.

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