Tamarindo vacation rentals and Other Reasons to Choose this Tourist Destination

There are many tourist destinations in Costa Rica; however, Tamarindo vacation rentals, natural features and services make it an ideal destination.  Tamarindo is located in the Guanacaste Province, Northwest of Costa Rica. This is a popular tourist area and Tamarindo specifically is a perfect location to spend Costa Rica luxury vacations; it is a paradisiacal beach town.

How are Tamarindo Vacation Rentals?

One of the most important parts of a vacation is making good sleeping arrangements; in Tamarindo, you can find options that will make you want to return for longer periods. Besides several luxurious hotels, there are amazing vacation home rentals; in these Costa Rica luxury rental homes you have the same services as in the best resorts. They are a great option too.

If you’re interested in spending Costa Rica luxury vacations, you should make a reservation in Tamarindo Costa Rica luxury villas; there are several types of estates for rent, but these villas are the best options. With private pools, amazing natural surroundings including forests and a beach view, Tamarindo Costa Rica luxury villas are breathtaking. You’ll spend such a good time you won’t want to leave them.

What are other Tourist Perks of Tamarindo?

  • Transportation

Tamarindo is located in Guanacaste Province, meaning it is not too far away from a city with an international airport; Liberia, the capital of the province, has the International Daniel Oduber Quirós  Airport just 31 miles from Tamarindo. This means, that you can be in Tamarindo after arriving in Costa Rica an hour later by car. Whether private or public transportation, it’s nearby.

In addition, Tamarindo counts with a national airport. If you arrive in Costa Rica through San José, the capital of the country, you are farther away; nevertheless, you can still get to Tamarindo by car and the ride should take you about 4 hours. If you prefer a shorter trip, you can take a flight from San José to Tamarindo and get there quicker; either way, the landscapes are breathtaking.

This area has the Tamarindo Estuary which has given the area a worldwide importance as a wetland. This area was actually characterized as a RAMSAR site which means that as a wetland it has a worldly relevance.  The territory consists of almost 1000 acres protecting a varied wildlife and vegetation. Tamarindo vacation rentals are just one factor as these amazing natural attractions will leave you breathless.home rentals

The beautiful Tamarindo Estuary separates the neighboring beach Playa Grande from Tamarindo; the landscapes are amazing. You might spot crocodiles, howler monkeys, herons, etc. By the sea, the refuge focuses on the protection of the Leatherback sea turtles which arrive for their fascinating mating ritual. The weather and sights in this refuge will definitely blow your mind.

This amazing park is named after the species it primarily protects, the Leatherback sea turtles (Baula in Spanish). These creatures arrive in the shores of the park to lay their eggs in a ritual that attracts many visitors; animal lovers are specifically drawn to such a magical event. This species faces dangers of extinction if not protected, which is why they are given such a big importance.

One contradictory aspect of this park is that though the income provided by tourists wanting to witness the ritual helps; these visits have an impact on these turtles. For that reason, the area is monitored in order to ensure natural conservation on the one hand; on the other hand, the intention is to continue attracting visitors without making a great/negative impact on the area.

  • Activities

Besides the natural sights that will delight you; there is a big number of activities you can do in the water and in land. Activities like surfing, kayaking, scuba diving, snorkeling, horseback riding and other activities are available. Furthermore, if you need equipment for any of these activities, you will easily find it.Tamarindo vacation rentals

  • Shops and other Services

Although Tamarindo still remains the quiet beach town it once was, it has all the services you may need. You can find banks, supermarkets, souvenir shops, restaurants, bars and many other venues for your entertainment. You don’t have to leave the area to find what you need and have an awesome time.

Tamarindo is one of the best tourist destinations you will find in Guanacaste. Its natural attractions will take your breath away, and you will have lots of fun with whatever activity you do; furthermore, there are amazing options in vacation home rentals.  Whether in a luxurious hotel or in Costa Rica luxury rental homes, Tamarindo vacation rentals are amazing lodging options.

Choose this wonderful destination and enjoy the comfort, the luxury, the fun, the excitement, and unique natural beauty of Tamarindo; you won’t want to go back home!

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