Staying in Costa Rica Tamarindo Vacation Rentals and Beaches nearby to Visit

Tamarindo vacation rentals are one of the reasons to choose this beach town as lodging destination in Costa Rica; however, it is not all about where you are going to stay. This marvelous town is a paradisiacal site; there are many activities and places to visit, as well fabulous beaches nearby. Whether in Tamarindo or in other beaches, you will have an amazing time.

Where is Tamarindo?

This wonderful beach town is located in the Northern Pacific Coast of Costa Rica; it is in the Guanacaste Province in the Santa Cruz Canton. Its closeness to other popular beaches, activities available and easy access, besides its incredible lodging options make it desirable; Tamarindo has now mare paved roads and bridges that make it more modern and tourist-friendly.

Another great feature about Tamarindo, besides its good roads is the fact that it has an airport. For this reason, tourists arriving in Costa Rica through the San Jose Airport have a way to arrive by air; similarly, there is easy access for those arriving in Costa Rica through Liberia. The latter are just 31 miles away from Tamarindo; it should take less than an hour to get from Liberia to Tamarindo by car.

Where Can You Go in Tamarindo?

One of Tamarindo’s biggest attractions is the Tamarindo National Wildlife Refuge.  This wonderful refuge mainly protects the area of the Matapalo River with its majestic mangroves; it was created in 1990 and it encompasses over 900 acres of territory. Another great attraction of the area is Las Baulas Marine National Park, located North of the town; it’s a park that protects Leatherback sea turtles.Costa Rica Luxury Vacations

Other attractions of the area include the Ostional Wildlife Refuge and the Barra Honda National Park. The latter, among other species, aims to focus conservation of the Olive ridley sea turtle. Barra Honda National Park, on the other hand, also protects numerous animal species; it’s popular for its limestone caverns where several species are also protected.

What else Can you Do in Tamarindo?

Besides visiting the national parks and wildlife refuges, there are any things to do here. For starters, water sports such as scuba diving, sport fishing, swimming and snorkeling are very popular. You can also engage in other activities like horseback riding and other extreme in-land activities. There are many reasons to visit besides the Tamarindo vacation rentals.

How are the Tamarindo Vacation Rentals?

There are fabulous vacation home rentals; they are reason enough to choose this destination.  The best options are the incredible luxurious Costa Rica luxury villas you can find here. While surrounded by green forests with amazing vegetation; many are beach front villas facing the Pacific Coast. You can relax and forget about routine in the amazing Costa Rica luxury villas of Tamarindo.

Equipped with the best appliances; these Costa Rica villas rentals have been designed to offer their guests the experience of a luxurious resort. Furthermore, this experience can be spent in the privacy of what feels like home, or even better!

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What other Beaches nearby Can you Visit?

Tamarindo is a fabulous beach and it is very unlikely that you will get bored; however, if you wish to travel around, there are a two neighbor beaches that are worth visiting. These beaches are Playa Langosta and Playa Grande.

Langosta Beach

This beautiful beach is located South of Tamarindo Beach and in comparison to it is a lot less crowded. One of the most attractive features of Playa Langosta is its great conditions for surfing; a part of the beach is specially recommended for experienced surfers. The neighboring beaches also have great conditions for surfing; in addition Las baulas Marine National Park is nearby.

Grande Beach

Playa Grande (in Spanish) is located North of Tamarindo beach, and this is also a very popular surfing destination. The conditions depend on the tide; however, it is better for experienced surfers as well. This beach can only be accessed during the day due to the conservation of Leatherback sea turtles; the beach is patrolled at night for their protection.Luxury Vacations Costa Rica

How are Lodging Options in these Beaches?

These two beaches are very popular among tourists; however, they are not as crowded as their neighbor Tamarindo. If you are looking for the best vacation home rentals among these three, your best option is Tamarindo Beach. If your plan is to spend Costa Rica luxury vacations, the best idea is to stay in Tamarindo; you could visit these beaches during the day.

Tamarindo Beach is a magical beach town of Guanacaste Province; here, you can feel the young spirit of surfers and witness the breathtaking beauty of the forests meeting the Pacific Ocean. Moreover, if you seek to spend Costa Rica luxury vacations, Tamarindo has it all; the best cafés, restaurants, bars and amazing Tamarindo Vacation Rentals.

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