Las Catalinas Vacation Rentals and other Amazing Features of this Town

Visiting Costa Rica and, more specifically, Guanacaste Province is fabulous, for starters, due to the amazing Las Catalinas vacation rentals. This whole country located in Central America has amazing destinations; however, the Guanacaste Province, which is located to the Northwest, is the most popular among tourists. One of the towns you can choose as your destination is the fabulous Las Catalinas.

Where is Las Catalinas Located Exactly?

This beach town, as previously mentioned, is located in the Guanacaste Province which borders to the North with the Pacific Ocean. It comprises an area of 1,200 acres; to the North, one popular beach you can find is Playa Grande (a popular tourist destination). To the South, there is Playa Prieta; it is another popular beach town. There are many other beautiful beaches nearby as well. Las Catalinas Vacation Rentals

What is the Most Interesting Feature about Las Catalinas?

Las Catalinas is located in one of the most developed areas of the country regarding tourism; however, it is remarkably outstanding, as it was designed as a walkable and condensed beach town under New Urbanism principles. This means, that there are no vehicles in Las Catalinas; among the eco friendly towns, this is one of the leading ones favoring greatly environmental conservation.

This town is actually very new; American businessman Charles Brewer founded Las Catalinas in 2006 with the design provided by Professor Douglas Duany. The design aimed to integrate natural areas and creating several walking spaces in order to create a better pedestrian experience; this way, pedestrian transit leads focus towards the most breathtaking landscapes of the area.

Beaches nearby Las Catalinas

The area that is Las Catalinas has several beaches that you can visit were you can go on exciting adventures:

  • Dantita Beach and Danta Beach

These two neighbor beaches are very near the inland area of Las Catalinas. In the Catalinas Bay, from North to South, first you find Dantita Beach and then it’s Danta Beach. These beaches have blue-green waters; moreover, their main difference is that Danta Beach is probably more crowded than Dantita Beach. The latter is recommended for those seeking a secluded destination.

The most popular activity practiced in these beaches is Stand Up paddle Board. Furthermore, similar water sports are very popular; you can find lessons and gear shops if you need equipment. Just as there are great Las Catalinas vacation rentals, there are also great Costa Rica vacation rentals in Danta Beach. Thus, all services in the area are remarkable.Las Catalinas Vacation Rentals


  • Playa Pan de Azucar

Playa Pan de Azucar, also known as Sugar Beach, is a paradisiacal secluded beach; it is located to the South of Playa Danta and next to Las Catalinas. This is very private destination opposed to other many popular and crowed tourist destinations; here, you can actually “hear” nature. This beach has a dry tropical climate that houses a big biodiversity. Land and marine life is incredible.

Regarding the activities you can do, this is a beach with calm waters where swimming, and snorkeling are popular. The can however get less calm and be perfect for surfing; nevertheless, this is a place for experienced surfers rather than first timers.

Continuing towards the South is the also beautiful Prieta Beach. This is a beautiful destination with white and black sand and clear blue waters. All these colors also contrast with the lush vegetation of the area. Prieta Beach also has calm waters that are perfect for relaxing, swimming and sunbathing. However, you can also do body surf and have lots of fun.Luxury Vacations Costa Rica

Las Catalinas Vacation Rentals

The area that comprises Las Catalinas is very much developed and there are all the services that you need. Regarding accommodation options, there are amazing vacation home rentals nearby. Playa Danta, for example, has amazing beach front options in vacation home rentals. You can witness the popular Guanacaste sunsets and delight from amazing tourist services.

Right by the beach, in these Costa Rica luxury rental homes you can have all the VIP services you deserve; including maintenance, cleaning and food services, these will not be issues for you in the Costa Rica vacation rentals. The companies providing these services will make sure you spend true Costa Rica luxury vacations and not have to worry about minor details.

A Unique Experience in Las Catalinas, Costa Rica

Las Catalinas is a tourist destination that you have to visit in order to learn about New Urbanism and this fabulous philosophy for living. It is a concept that embraces new practices that highlight the importance of nature and its integration with our lifestyles.  Dare to spend real Costa Rica luxury vacations in the Guanacaste Province and experience living in a well-planned town.Las Catalinas Vacation Rentals

The whole area of the Guanacaste Province also has excellent Costa Rica luxury rental homes; so, if you don’t decide to stay in Las Catalinas, finding Costa Rica vacation rentals shouldn’t be an issue. Las Catalinas Vacation Rentals, its design, cafés and restaurants and wonderful nature, are just some of the reasons to visit!

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