5 Recommended Destinations with Excellent Luxury Vacation Rentals Costa Rica

There are amazing housing complexes being built and fabulous estates available for Luxury vacation rentals Costa Rica. The whole country is wonderful; however, the area of the Guanacaste Province has more tourist-friendly options. Furthermore, the options can include experiences for tighter budgets; nevertheless, you can spend Costa Rica luxury vacations that fulfill your expectations.

It is important to remember that there are two locations with this name, and they are both on the Pacific Coast. Besides being a strategic and convenient location due to its proximity to the Liberia Airport, it has wonderful beaches. The beach has grey sand and it is located between two mountains. Its name means “gorgeous” in English; it is an inviting name for visitors.Costa Rica Luxury Vacations

There are amazing Costa Rica luxury villas, condos and several other options in Costa Rica luxury rental homes.

The white sands and palm trees of Ocotal Beach are unforgettable characteristics of this location. Along with a beautiful beach, there is dry forest in the area housing, as well, an abundant wildlife where people enjoy bird watching. Besides, Playa Ocotal is famous for water sports such as scuba diving and snorkeling. Options in Playa Ocotal vacation rentals are also a reason to choose this destination.

The best options in Playa Ocotal vacation rentals are condos which have an amazing view of the Pacific Coast. There are other options as well.

The beautiful beach of this beach town has waters with a blue-gray tint; it is also a good place for foreigners to interact with Ticos and get to know their culture. This is an amazing destination for those who like to party and towns with an active nightlife. Besides a very fun and active nightlife, Playas del Coco also offers a big number of water adventures for its visitors.Costa Rica Luxury Vacations

There are fabulous condos and Costa Rica luxury villas; these are the most recommended options for those seeking to spend Costa Rica luxury vacations in the area.

This beach town is located in the Nicoya Peninsula and this is a more lid-bck destination than Playas del Coco. Tamarindo is adjacent Matapalo River and across the river, there is Playa Grande. Apart from the many water activities by the sea or river, in-land activities and others; Tamarindo has great options in Luxury Vacation Rentals Costa Rica. Costa Rica luxury rental homes here are simply amazing.

The amazing beachfront villas you can find in Tamarindo combine lush vegetation with a view facing the Pacific Ocean. In the fabulous luxurious decks that these villas usually have, you can enjoy the popular Guanacaste sunsets. It is a fabulous place to forget about routine. Tamarindo has Las Baulas Marine national park which is also a great tourist attraction.

Santa Teresa is another great destination or tourists where water adventure tours are very popular as well. Santa Teresa’s water have great conditions for surfing; so whether you have experience or not, you can give it a try. It is also near the popular and also beautiful beach Malpais, and it is also near a wildlife Reserve called “Cabo Blanco”.

Regarding options in Luxury Vacation Rentals Costa Rica, there are several. The best options in the area are probably the fabulous beachfront villas, where you can enjoy in a private pool. Remember that these estates are often equipped with appliances of the highest quality and luxury; you feel like you are in a hotel. You can also enjoy the popular Guaanacaste sunsets from here.Costa Rica Luxury Vacations

What is the best time to Visit Costa Rica?

Did you know that there are 2 seasons in Costa Rica?  Costa Rica has a very tourist-friendly weather so there is no real difference. However, depending on the activities you are interested in doing, you might decide; decide between going in the season of heavier showers or the driest one according to your adventures.

Apart from some differences in some season, Costa Rica is a mainly based on the tourist industry; it is always nice to visit this wonderful country with services of the highest quality.

Are Costa Rica Hotels Bad?

It is not that Costa Rica hotels are bad; on the contrary, there are fabulous Costa Rica resorts. However, there are many wonderful estates that are even being designed with the purpose of being luxury rental homes; it would be a shame if you miss to experience the privacy, the luxury, and the comfortable Luxury Vacation Rentals Costa Rica.Rent in Costa Rica

Besides these locations, there are others with great options. Tenorio, Peninsula Papagayo, las Catalinas and others also have fabulous rental homes that you can see and book online. Prepare for the adventure, relaxation, luxury and natural connection that awaits you; all of this, in the magical experience that is spending a vacation in Costa Rica.

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