Costa Rica Luxury Vacations or Living in this Wonderful Country

Costa Rica is a beautiful country and it has become a very popular destination in tourism; Costa Rica luxury vacations are an experience you will not fail to enjoy. Furthermore, the enchanting weather, culture, landscapes and the Costa Rica real estate are attracting visitors to stay more permanently. This is a great place to visit; Costa Rica’s features will make you want to return.

These are some of the reasons why many people enjoy visiting Costa Rica for vacations or even living:

Although there are two distinguishable seasons in Costa Rica, the weather is generally pleasant and tropical. The dry season is probably the one tourists prefer; besides, it coincides with the cold winters of the North. For this reason, many people prefer to visit during this time. The dry season starts between late December and January and it ends in April. It also usually coincides with Holy Week.Costa Rica Luxury Vacations

Even though the dry season is the most popular season to visit; that does not mean that the rainy season is not a good time to travel. There are some areas where it rains more, and some other with less rain. Water usually falls in the afternoons, and it is actually possible to have days without rain at all. You can also check the weather patterns and plan your trip accordingly.

  • The Wonderful “Tico” Culture

Ticos, are Costa Ricans are referred to, are very nice people, characterized by that “pura vida” lifestyle which exudes good vibes. Did you know the population consists of over 4 million people in the country with a notorious percentage of immigrants? Whatever the reason for immigrants to leave their countries, choosing Costa Rica responds to a good lifestyle and  welcoming population.

Some Amazing Aspects of the Tico Culture:

  1. Costa Rican Gastronomy

The delicious Costa Rican cuisine is the result of a mixture of native, European, African and other influences; this is a result of the many immigrants that have settled in the country and come to love it. For this reason, you can delight from tasting the delicious typical food; furthermore, if you wish, international cuisine can easily be found in restaurants when you visit.Costa Rica Luxury Vacations

Many of the typical dishes have as main ingredients rice and beans; there are many variations with those ingredients in your Costa Rica luxury vacations. Some of the typical dishes are: gallo pinto, casado, olla de carne, picadillo, roscón and panetón. The popular drinks are coffee, aguadulce, mistelas, beer, guaro and rompope among others. Everything is super tasty!

  1. Costa Rican Traditions

The folk Costa Rican music can be appreciated in the many cultural manifestations such as religious celebrations and holidays.  If you travel to Costa Rica, hopefully you will get to witness any of those celebrations; the punto guanacasteco is the national dance and it is original from Guanacaste Province, a popular tourist destination.

There are also many legends in Costa Rica, some are religious, some are magic, and some are considered land legends.  Costa Rica was actually declared the happiest country by the National Geographic magazine in 2017; it is a lifestyle you cannot miss to experience.

  • Landscapes and Nature

Costa Rica is a very popular tourist destination and the main reason for it is the wonderful landscapes; 12 different life zones characterize this country and you can visit them in the different national parks and biological reserves.  The national parks are administered by the government and the biological reserves are privately managed; all working towards natural preservation.

The Guanacaste Province is an area with several of these parks and reserves; it’s in the Northwest of the country. In this area you can visit these amazing attractions and be near the international airport and luxurious accommodation options.Costa Rica Luxury Vacations

  • Great Options in Costa Rica Real Estate

The tourism industry has been developing greatly; for that reason, amazing resorts and the best Costa Rica luxury rental homes have been built. The great comfort, luxury and strategic location of these houses for rent in Costa Rica have become more trendy; as a result, more people prefer Costa Rica house rentals. Privacy, location and amazing services have nothing to envy from big resorts.

Given the amazing lifestyle of the country and amazing experiences in Costa Rica luxury rental homes many move in permanently. Many North American end up considering and actually moving to Costa Rica after staying in Costa Rica house rentals; it has become a popular retiring destination. Houses for rent in Costa Rica are villas, townhouses, condos and other luxurious options.Costa Rica Luxury Vacations

This country is an amazing place to visit to spend Costa Rica Luxury Vacations. The “happiest country in the world” is a welcoming territory with enchanting people and landscapes. It is no wonder so many people decide to move permanently.

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