Tamarindo Vacation Rentals and other Reasons to This Costa Rica Beach Town

The beautiful beach town (also a district) has amazing Tamarindo vacation rentals; nevertheless, there are many other reasons why tourists fall in love with this destination. Tamarindo is located in Santa Cruz, which is in the Nicoya Peninsula. Costa Rica has 7 provinces, of which Tamarindo is located in Guanacaste to the North West of the country. This is a popular tourist area.

Tamarindo Is Conveniently Located

Besides abundant natural beauty, Tamarindo has many advantages, and the first is its easy access. International flights land in two possible destinations, Liberia or San José—the capital of the country—; from either city, it is very easy to get to Tamarindo. If you arrive in Liberia, the city is also in Guanacaste province; therefore, you are just 30 minutes away by car.Costa Rica Luxury Vacations

If you arrive in San José, you are a little farther away; however, it’s just 4 hours, so if you don’t mind the ride, profit from the landscapes of the road trip. If you do mind the ride, nor worries, Tamarindo has a local airport; therefore, you can just take a plane from San José to Tamarindo. There are 2 airlines flying these routes and there are flights every day.

Tamarindo has a Wonderful Weather

With a temperature near the 90ºF, the Tamarindo weather is very nice throughout the year. As it occurs in the rest of the country, there are two distinguishable seasons; there is a dry and a rainy season. The rainy season (or green season) starts in late March or early April; during this time, there can be heavy showers by the end of the day, and vegetation is green and beautiful.

The rainy season ends in October, and then the dry season follows in November. During this time, the weather is drier and very sunny, perfect for going to the beach and sunbathing. The life zone corresponds to a transitional zone from tropical dry forest to humid forest. Although hurricanes don’t usually reach this part, heavy rains might; nevertheless, it is a very nice weather.Costa Rica Luxury Vacations

Tamarindo Vacation Rentals and Other Tourist Services are Amazing

One of the main reasons to choose this destination is the wonderful accommodation options in Costa Rica luxury villas; they are right by the beach in majestic surroundings. Costa Rica luxury rental homes are the latest trend, and Tamarindo vacation rentals will definitely surprise you. There are amazing estates where almost 20 people can sleep; you can travel with a huge group!

Imagine staying in a luxurious villa with a view of the Tamarindo Estuary; you can witness the popular Guanacaste sunsets by staring at the Pacific Ocean. These Costa Rica luxury villas amazing indoor and outdoor areas where you can organize small reunions or barbecues; you can have a lot of fun with a big group feeling at home. These rental homes will ensure your Costa Rica luxury vacations.

What are some of the Tourist Attractions?

The biggest tourist attractions are National Ostional Wildlife Refuge, Barra Honda and Las Baulas Marine National Parks; being the latter the most popular due to the magical ritual that takes place here. The Leatherback sea turtles come to lay their eggs in the shore; they are a protected species and this event is crucial for their survival. It is an amazing thing to see.

Another big tourist attraction of the area is the great conditions of the beach waters for surfing. Nearby Tamarindo beach is Playa Grande, a beach separated from Tamarindo by Matapalo River. This beach is a great place for surfing, whether you have the experience or not. Furthermore, yearly there are surfing competitions that take place in the area bringing more visitors to Tamarindo.Tamarindo Vacation Rentals

Are there other Things to Do in Tamarindo?

Regarding daytime activities, you will definitely not be bored. Regarding nightlife, it may not be one of the most active cities for that purpose; however, there are restaurants and cafés, for you to taste some flavors of the town. Due to the big number of tourists visiting Tamarindo from North America and Europe, many of these cafés and restaurants mix Costa Rican flavors with foreign influences.

Tamarindo is now a very developed beach town, but did you know that it was once a small fishing town? Great natural beauty and a laid back vibe are now surrounded by high quality tourist services; the intention is to provide the best tourist attention maintaining the calm vibe that still remains in the town. Besides, property management Costa Rica will show you the best Costa Rica luxury rental homes.

You can truly spend Costa Rica luxury vacations in this beach town that mixes the great Tico culture with foreign influences and also staying in the best Tamarindo Vacation Rentals. Tamarindo is surely one of the most beautiful places in Costa Rica!

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