Costa Rica: Santa Teresa Vacation Rentals and Other Great features of this Tourist Destination

Throughout the whole Costa Rican coast in the Pacific Ocean there are great Costa Rica luxury rental homes; Santa Teresa vacation rentals are no exception to this. Costa Rica has been the target of incredible development projects favoring the tourism industry; for this reason, there are many beach towns and others that have now amazing resorts and incredible vacation home rentals.

Where is Santa Teresa located?

Santa Teresa is a small but beautiful beach town located in the Puntarenas Province. It is also situated in the Western part of the Nicoya Peninsula, bordering with the Pacific Ocean. This small town was once a tranquil destination with very different sources of economic income; where once agriculture, fishing and cattle ranching were the main sources, the tourism industry has taken place.

How Can you Get to Santa Teresa?

Santa Teresa is located relatively far from both international airports in Costa Rica, Liberia and San José’s airports. Nevertheless, this does not mean it is of difficult access. For starters, there is a national airport nearby in Tambor town; if you arrive in either international airport, you can take a domestic flight to Tambor town. Then, you would have to go by car/bus to Santa Teresa, barely 30 minutes away.Costa Rica Familiy Vacations

Another option to get to Santa Teresa is by boat ride which is also a fun experience; you would have to take a boat from Paquera and border the South of the Nicoya Peninsula to get to Santa Teresa.  It may sound tiring If you are arriving from a long flight; however, there landscapes you will get to see and abundant wildlife in the ride will be worth it.

What are the Attractions near Santa Teresa?

  1. Cabo Blanco Absolute Reserve

It is located to the North of the Nicoya Peninsula; Cabo Blanco is a geographical feature that is part of the park along with Cabo Blanco Island. It is a territory of close to three thousand acres with rich biodiversity and amazing landscapes.  Cabo Blanco was Costa Rica’s first national park created in the early sixties; it was created as consequence of efforts to preserve nature, as opposed to destroying it for the sake of tourist development.Costa Rica Luxury Vacations

The variety in the wildlife of the area is amazing; it is possible for you to spot ocelots, margays, sloths, etc. Santa Teresa Vacation Rentals will seem as the best decision you have made when you realize you are in such a short distance from this national park. There are several trails for hiking and some are actually hard; however, the prize may be arriving in the South of the Cape in a white-sand beach.

    1. Barra Honda National Park

Barra Honda National Park is not as close to Santa Teresa as Cabo Blanco Absolute Reserve; however, it is not that far away; it is located close to the Nicoya Gulf. It is located Northeast of Santa Teresa and it is an amazing tourist destination with limestone caverns; here you can see incredible stalagmites and stalactites, as well as bats flying around the caverns.

  1. Diriá National Park

Also not as close to Santa Teresa as Cabo Blanco, Diriá National Park is located North of Santa Teresa, West from Barra Honda National Park. The scenery inside the caverns is simply amazing and its special conditions have resulted in particular animals from the area; there are endemic species of fish and blind salamanders for example, due to darkness in the area.

How are the options of Santa Teresa Vacation Rentals?

With such amazing services provided in the Costa Rica luxury rental homes, vacation home rentals have become the latest trend; for tourists looking for the greatest comfort and luxury, houses for rent in Costa Rica are a great option. In Santa Teresa, you can stay in a fabulous beach front estate with the comfort and luxury you deserve; plus, you have all the tourist services you need.

The main difference you will notice is staying in the privacy of what will feel like your own home; nevertheless, you won’t have to worry about maintenance, cleaning or cooking. You will have all the help that you need at your disposal so that you are able to just enjoy; Costa Rica real estate has fabulous options and they have nothing to envy the big resorts. Houses for rent in Costa Rica are incredible.Costa Rica Luxury Vacations

Furthermore, staying in the home rentals in Santa Teresa, the beauty won’t just be a result of the house’s design; it will also be a result of the great blending of the estate with the natural surroundings. You will be able to stay in an extremely comfortable Costa Rica real estate and enjoy the marvelous view of the Pacific Ocean. You won’t regret staying in Santa Teresa Vacation Rentals.

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