Costa Rica vacation rentals makes your dreams come true

When it comes to the best destinations to travel to, Playa Hermosa should be at the top of your list. Where its beautiful beaches, lush rainforests, Costa Rica vacation rentals and friendly people represents a dream for any traveler.

And if you’re looking for the perfect beach getaway, Playa Hermosa is the place to be. Located in the Guanacaste province on the Pacific coast of Costa Rica, is known for its stunning beauty and laid-back vibe. The beach itself is over two kilometers long and features soft, grey sand and clear blue waters – perfect for swimming, surfing, or just lounging in the sun. Playa Hermosa is more than just a pretty beach, it can show the most stunning houses for rent in Costa Rica.

The best Costa Rica adventure

But perhaps the best thing about Playa Hermosa is the people, Costa Ricans, are friendly, welcoming, and always happy to help. They’ll make sure you have a great trip and leave feeling like you’ve made some new friends.

So, if you’re looking for the perfect beach destination, Playa Hermosa should be at the top of your list. Its stunning natural beauty, exciting outdoor activities, and Costa Rica vacation homes, make it the perfect place to relax in a tropical paradise.

Every tropical dream you have ever had can come true in this wonderful pace with your family or friends. Here you can find plans for everybody from adventurous and adrenaline experiences to peaceful and relaxing ones.

How many activities you can try in Playa Hermosa?

From their great weather to their culture and touristic places, this country can help you have a good time. You can try so many things here like golf Costa Rica, beaches, aquatic sports, guided tours, delicious plates and more.

Playa Hermosa

Playa Hermosa is a popular destination in Costa Rica, not only for their amazing Costa Rica villas rentals. Also, there are many activities to enjoy in the area and let me show you some of the popular ones:

  • Surfing: Playa Hermosa has some of the best surf breaks in Costa Rica, making it a popular spot for surfers of all levels. You can try it and be teaching by professionals of the Costa Rica resorts.
  • Snorkeling and diving: The waters around Playa Hermosa are filled with a variety of marine life, making it a great spot for snorkeling and diving. We can recommend you some villas in Costa Rica that includes guide tours and more.
  • Sportfishing: The area is known for its rich fishing grounds, and there are many fishing charters available for those looking to catch a big one.
  • Hiking: The surrounding hills and mountains offer many hiking trails with stunning views of the ocean and surrounding landscapes. Near of some of the best Costa Rica luxury homes where you can rest for an adventurous day.

Other amazing things to do at Playa Hermosa

  • Wildlife watching: The area is home to a variety of wildlife, including monkeys, sloths, and a variety of bird species. Many tours are available for those looking to spot some of the local wildlife.
  • Yoga and wellness: Playa Hermosa is known for its laid-back vibe and focus on wellness. So there are many yoga studios and wellness centers in the area. Some of the best are include in the VIP access of the Costa Rica luxury villas.
  • Beach relaxation: Of course, one of the most popular activities in Playa Hermosa is simply relaxing on the beach, soaking up the sun and enjoying the beautiful scenery.

luxury vacation rentals guanacaste costa ricaLet me tell you more about the best options to stay here


Playa Hermosa has a great selection of luxury villas Costa Rica where you can experiment the best vacation of your life. Once you get here, you’ll be always calling your property management Costa Rica for free space.

Casa Aria

Playa Hermosa is one of the best places to visit, staying at a good vacation rentals in Costa Rica. This house’s a good option for small families that want to get a vacation with all fun and amazing activities.

This house has 2 bathrooms and spacious 2 bedrooms, with the beautiful view of Playa Hermosa. You can decide between the master bedroom or the guest bedroom. This is a Costa Rica vacation home decorated with a modern Costa Rican style and open concept. It creates a charming and elegant environment for your vacation.

The beauty of Casa Aria

Enjoy your vacation days at the living area connected to the dinning and full kitchen where you can cook delicious recipes. This Costa Rica villa invites you to have an amazing time at the pool or the terrace surrounded by beautiful nature. It is only 30 minutes away from the airport and beautiful beaches. The outdoor BBQ and lounges are perfect to spend a peaceful time with your family or friends.

Casa Cariaco

You can find this Costa Rica house rental in Playa Hermosa, a gorgeous beach town full of beauty. Here you can get the most unique adventures and experiences for your vacations.

This Costa Rica vacation rentals beachfront has 4 bathrooms and 2 bedrooms on the ground floor and 2 more on the second floor. So, if your plans are to get a vacation with a 10 person group this is for you. You can rest peacefully thanks to the white and ocean blue luxury decorations. Besides the stunning views of the ocean next to this Costa Rica Villa.

You will feel in one of the best resorts in Costa Rica since you have access to the ocean. See it as your private piece of ocean where you can enjoy it with your family or friends. Take some peaceful time with the breeze and views from the ocean in the living room. Or just take some time with your family or friends to make a good recipe in the fully equipped kitchen.

If you prefer outdoors you can spend some good time at the terrace or the charcoal grill. Giving you high standards of comfort as the four seasons Costa Rica.

When you get here you will have many commodities and privileges to help you get into total relaxation. It includes daily housekeeping service, beach towels, mats and Beach umbrellas, beachfront restaurants and more.

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