The Three National Parks that are Closest to Peninsula Papagayo Costa Rica

If you are planning to visit Peninsula Papagayo Costa Rica there are many options for adventures in land; in this sense, if you need to choose destinations nearby, there are three national parks very near the Papagayo Peninsula. If your time in Costa Rica is limited, you might want to make the best of your time there; there are three national parks nearby and that you’ll love to visit.

This is the national park that is located to the most Northwestern part of the country; it is also located just over 30 minutes from Liberia’s international airport in Guanacaste. If you are staying in a resort or the amazing Costa Rica villas rentals of Papagayo Penisula, you’re not far; by car, you are just a little over an hour away from the park. It may sound far, but it’s worth the ride.

This park also has an undeniable historic importance; there is actually a museum in it, here an important battle in defense of Costa Rican territory as held.  There is great biodiversity in Santa Rosa National park; however, one of the species that gets the most attention in the park is the Ridley Turtle. This species nests in the park’s beaches in a magical ritual that lucky witnesses cannot forget.

Santa Rosa National Park’s Beaches

Santa Rosa National Park is the only of the three parks recommended here that border with the Pacific Ocean; its beaches are beautiful and secluded, and access is not specifically easy. These are beaches that you can visit by boat and experience a secluded day at the beach. Besides the seclusion and natural beauty of Santa Rosa National Park’s beaches, one thing attracts tourists the most: surf.

Peninsula Papagayo Costa Rica

There are two surfing spots near two of Santa Rosa National Park’s beaches. Ollie’s Point is located near Potrero Grande Beach; it is a spot near the shore of this beautiful beach. There is also Witch’s Rock, another surfing spot near Naranjo Beach; this spot is located near a rocky formation located offshore this beautiful beach. A tour to these destinations can be relaxing and adventurous at the same time.

Neighboring Santa Rosa National Park and forming a natural corridor for wildlife is the Guanacaste National Park. The park is a great destination from Peninsula Papagayo Costa Rica; in just over an hour, you can be in the park by car. Guanacaste National park not only houses a great deal of animal life, but it also protects it; by connecting Santa Rosa and Rincón de La Vieja National Parks, it functions as natural corridor.

The biggest attractions of the park are its wildlife and the petroglypghs of Pre-Columbian times. Hiking, boat rides and other activities are popular in the park. Tempisque River is here you can go on a boat tour in this park or go rafting. The great thing about going on a boat tour is that you get to go through long distances; and, you can do this in short time and with little effort. If you are a nature lover staying in Costa Rica villas rentals in Papagayo, visit Guanacaste National Park. You can spend Costa Rica luxury vacations in direct contact with nature.


Peninsula Papagayo Costa Rica

To the East of Guanacaste National Park is Rincón de La Vieja National Park; this park, as well as the other parks, houses great biodiversity. In addition, the biggest attraction of the park is its volcanic formations; Rincón de La Vieja Volcano is the most remarkable attraction of the park. This park is located a little farther from Peninsula Papagayo Costa Rica; it is 2 hour away from the peninsula by car.

The park has numerous waterfalls that attract many tourists and it also has many natural attractions result of volcanic formations; hot springs and boiling mud pools are some of the popular attractions of the area that tourists love. You can go on hikes and horseback rides that take you to wonderful destinations; you can go sightseeing and bathe in the most magical natural pools.

Accommodation Options in Peninsula Papagayo Costa Rica

Peninsula Papagayo Costa Rica

If you are staying in Peninsula Papagayo Costa Rica, there are plenty of accommodation options. The options in beachfront Costa Rica home rentals specifically are incredible; you feel like in a luxurious hotel while also feeling like at home. In addition to these luxurious Costa Rica home rentals, there are also the best exclusive resorts Costa Rica in this area.

If you love nature but you also enjoy luxury and comfort, don’t hesitate to choose Peninsula Papagayo Costa Rica; this is the perfect area for spending Costa Rica luxury vacations. Costa Rica is a magical place for its natural beauty; in addition, the excellence in tourist services, as in its exclusive resorts Costa Rica, make it the perfect tourist destination!

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