The Six Wildcats You Can See in Costa Rica Luxury Vacations

For those planning on spending Costa Rica luxury vacations, there is a lot of natural beauty to see also; of the many animal species you can see in this country, there are the majestic wildcats. There are actually 6 species of wildcats in Costa Rica. If you are staying in Guanacaste Province, it is not difficult to see them in a National Park; this province is rich not only in natural resources but in tourist services.

  • The Beautiful Ocelots

This majestic creature is known as manigordo in Costa Rica; however, it is also known as cunaguaro and ocelote in other countries. This is the wildcat species that can be most easily spotted in Costa Rica; it is characterized by having beige blotches surrounded by black rings. Of the small wildcats, the ocelot is the biggest; it usually dwells in primary and secondary dry forests.

They also have small eyes, and a long muzzle. You can spot ocelots is Santa Rosa National Park; this park is located near Peninsula Papagayo Costa Rica where you can find incredible rental homes.

  • The Margay

This is another type of spotted wildcat; it has some similarities with the ocelots, but there are also noticeable differences. Some of these are the small muzzle and the big eyes. The Margay Cat is a lot smaller than the ocelot and it has a long tail. This cat is the best climber of the Costa Rican wildcats due to the amazing mobility of its ankles; a margay cat is usually on a tree.

Costa Rica Luxury Vacations

The margay cat can be spotted in the Arenal Area. If you are planning a visit to Arenal Volcano National Park, you get to see them; in addition, if you want to stay nearby, it is recommended that you stay in the Tenorio Area. Here, you can find amazing options in vacation rentals Costa Rica. However, if you prefer to stay by the beach, the Peninsula Papagayo Costa Rica or Hermosa and Coco Beach are also good options.

  • Cougars

Cougars as known as pumas in Costa Rica; they are the second biggest species of wildcat in Costa Rica after the jaguars. Cougars, as opposed to ocelots and margay cats don’t have spots; they have a uniform color that is usually a light brown. Imagine seeing these wonderful creatures in your fabulous Costa Rica Luxury Vacations; they are also known for their growls because they cannot roar.

Cougars can be spotted almost throughout the Americas, from Canada to the South American Andes.  Santa Rosa National park is one of the places where you can spot them in Guanacaste Province; and, if you want to stay in vacation rentals Costa Rica nearby, the best option is in Peninsula Papagayo. It is the nearest option with undeniably great resorts and exclusive rentals.

  • Jaguars

Costa Rica Luxury Vacations

These impressive creatures are the biggest wildcats in Costa Rica and despite their popularity are in great danger; the population of jaguars has declined lately and they are of big concern in the country. Jaguars can now be seen less, and one of the places where you can see them in Guanacaste is Santa Rosa National Park. Regarding accommodations, exclusive rentals are available nearby as previously mentioned.

4.1) Black Panthers

This term is usually used to refer to the black variation of leopards and jaguars; in Costa Rica’s case, it refers to the black jaguars. Their color is owed to an excess in pigment which results in their characteristic black fur.

  • The Oncilla Cat

This wildcat is known as trigrillo in Costa Rica; also known as Tiger Cat in English, this is the smallest of the wildcat species in Costa Rica. Oncillas Cats in fact are no bigger than a house cat; however, they are very shy and not too easy to spot. It dwells in the Costa Rican Cloud Forests at high elevations; there aren’t many cloud forests in Guanacaste but there are in its borders.

There is a cloud reserve towards the Southeast of Guanacaste; therefore, if you want to stay in fabulous Costa Rica villa rentals nearby, there are great options. You can stay in the Tenorio Area if you are not interested in staying by the beach. You could also stay in Tamarindo or Flamingo Beach if that is the type of landscape you prefer.

  • Jaguarundis

Costa Rica Luxury Vacations

This is an animal that actually seems like a blend between a cat and a weasel. It is gray, its body is sleek and its legs are short. In can be found in primary and secondary forests; it has been spotted in Nosara and Palo Verde National Park. Regarding Costa Rica villa rentals nearby in order to spot them, Tamarindo and Flamingo beaches are also very good options nearby.

Costa Rica has an incredible biodiversity, and these wildcats are just some of the many animals you might spot. If you are an animal lover, you will be amazed in Costa Rica; plus, services are excellent if what you truly seek is to spend Costa Rica luxury vacations!

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