4 Secluded Beaches in Guanacaste You Need to Visit in Your Luxury Vacation Costa Rica

If you are planning a luxury vacation Costa Rica in Guanacaste Province, there are no worries for you regarding basic and 5-star services. The tourist development of the area, has resulted in the construction of the most luxurious rental properties and Costa Rica resorts. The transportation services, as well as tour guidance of the highest quality.

The tourism development in Costa Rica is very much related and dependant on natural resources. In this sense, Costa Rica benefits from what nature provides while maintaining eco friendly policies that prioritize preservation above all. Therefore, many popular Costa Rican attractions include national parks and wildlife refuges where you can have a lot of fun. But, also witness the Costa Rican effort for natural preservation.

What fun activities can you do in Costa Rica?

There are many things you can do in Costa Rica depending on your taste. If you are a calm-type of tourist there are many activities by land and water for you. You can go on a hike and do some bird watching and as well as see other animal species. You can go on the aerial tram rides and see the forests from a higher perspective and bathe on hot springs or go on relaxing boat rides.

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If you are a very adventurous person there are a lot of options for you. By land, you can go on 4×4 or ATV adventures, do zip lining and many others; however the most popular activities that attract visitors from all over the world are the water activities. Costa Rica, has many lakes and rivers that are perfect for kayaking; as well, as beautiful beaches that are famous for the great spots for surfing.

Can you Stay Near the Beaches in your Luxury Vacation Costa Rica?

Remember that due to great tourist development, there are several options for you; you can stay at one of the Costa Rica luxury villas or apartments for rent—depending on what you prefer—, or at any of the amazing Costa Rica resorts. If you are a surf lover, look for the closest locations to any of these beautiful beaches so that you are near the best surfing locations.

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These are 4 amazing beaches for surfing in Guanacaste Province that need to visit in your luxury vacation Costa Rica that you probably did not know about:

  1. Brasilito Beach

This beautiful beach is not one of the most popular in the region; but, it is a great spot for a low key vacation if you like less crowded regions. It is, not near the most luxurious location it a short drive away from those high class complexes. This beach is characterized by its grey sand and it is very near other more popular beaches such as Conchal and Flamingo.

Apart from being a good location for surfing this beach is near national parks and animal refuges so you can take the opportunity to this many things if you go to this destination. The Marino Las Baulas National Park is nearby, so you can visit and see the amazing ritual of thee sea turtles nesting.

  1. Playa Azul or Blue Beach

Playa Azul, as well as Brasilito Beach, is another low key destination. The biggest attraction, is its isolation from more crowded locations. Apart from having surfing spots nearby, this beach is also near the Ostional Wildlife Refuge; where, you can see limitless animal species. There is also an amazing Sanctuary Resort and Spa surrounded by the sight of this beautiful beach and protected natural spaces.

  1. Playa Negra or Black Beach

This beach is famous among surfers for its great waves for the practice. It receives this name to the dark color of its sand and it is near Avellanas Beach. This beach, is also a little isolated in location but it tends to attract many surfers and it is near the beautiful Tempisque Bridge.

  1. Matapalo Guanacaste

This beach is also popular for being a less crowded destination for visitors and it is near the Marino Las Baulas National Park and other beaches such as Playa Ventanas and Playa Grande.

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There are many other beaches in Guanacaste Province, some are more popular and crowded; however, if you are the type of person who likes to get away from the big crowds; Maybe, these beautiful beaches in these secluded locations are probably perfect for you.

There are many options for accommodations and whether you are staying at a resort or you have rented any of the Costa Rica luxury villas rental properties. The good thing is that Guanacaste Province has many beaches at a close distance from each other. There are many apartments for rent, choose the perfect location for you and spend a amazing and a luxury vacation Costa Rica.

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