Three National Parks you Can Visit near Peninsula Papagayo Costa Rica

Peninsula Papagayo Costa Rica is located Northwest of Costa Rica in Guanacaste Province; it is one of the most popular tourist destinations for many reasons. It has had massive development in the past years and regarding accommodation options, it has the best; if you are planning on spending a luxury vacation Costa Rica, you can find all the services in the area. Plus, there are 3 incredible national parks nearby:

Santa Rosa National park is the closest to Papagayo Peninsula. Adjacent to it, towards the Northeast, this national park is not only naturally beautiful; in addition, it has a historic importance as it was the location of a battle held in defense of invasion. The park has a mansion in which the historical event is remembered; Las Casona is the name of the mansion.

The park is incredibly diverse; there are 10 different habitats to see. The park borders with the Pacific Ocean, it has mangrove swamps, savannahs, evergreen and deciduous forests, litoral woodlands, etc. The wildlife is also abundant; you can spot endangered sea turtles, jaguars, deer, and a big variety of birds. In addition, there are many fun water activities you can do in the park.

Surfing in Santa Rosa National Park

Peninsula Papagayo Costa Rica

Santa Rosa National park is a place to enjoy in-land and water activities; however, the most popular among tourists worldwide is surfing. There are several beaches in the park; some of them are very secluded because of their difficult access (mostly by boat), but they are no less beautiful.  Playa Naranjo and Playa Potrero Grande are located near amazing surfing spots.

Naranjo Beach, or Playa Naranjo in Spanish, is located near an off-shore popular surfing spot known as “Witch’s Rock”. This is a rocky formation located near the beach where first-timers and experts alike can surf. A little towards the North is Potrero Grande Beach; in order to get here, you also need to take a boat ride. The surfing spot is called “Ollie’s Point” and it has featured in surfing films.

Accommodation Options in the Park

Santa Rosa is actually one of the national parks where camping conditions are very good; there is a designated area for campers in the park. Nevertheless, if you seek comfort and luxury, there are great options towards the South. The marvelous Peninsula Papagayo Costa Rica and nearby towns in the South of the Pacific Coastline are great options; house rental and resorts in the area are amazing.

This wonderful national park is located East of Santa Rosa; it was actually created in order to connect with Santa Rosa National Park. The intention was to ensure a safe corridor for the wildlife that dwells in the area. The park is conveniently located to both Liberia and San José; the first is the capital of the Province and the second, of the country. Both have international airports; which makes it geographically convenient.

Peninsula Papagayo Costa Rica

The park protects over 207 thousand acres of territory including several animal species; the flora is very varied as well, there are rain forests, tropical cloud forests, savannahs, lowland dry forests, and more. Given the seasonal changes in the climate, there is a big number of animal species that migrate; you can spot jaguars, sloths, mountain lions, monkeys, deer, pumas, and many more.

Accommodation Options near Guanacaste National Park

If you are interested in spending a luxury vacation Costa Rica then your best choice is not camping; the park does have facilities in one of the stations it has, but they are not precisely luxurious. In Papagayo Peninsula Costa Rica¸ however, you can find amazing vacation home rentals and fabulous resorts. In the Tenorio Area, to the Southeast, you can also find great house rentals.

The beautiful Rincón de la Vieja National Park is located East of Guanacaste National Park; along with the latter and Santa Rosa National Park, the three form a safe corridor for migratory animal species. In addition, an important feature of the park is the Rincón de La Vieja Volcano; the park protects almost 35 thousand acres of territory and it is very active regarding geothermal activity.

Peninsula Papagayo Costa Rica

The park is very rich in biodiversity; regarding wildlife, you might spot jaguars, sloths, tapirs, monkeys, and more. Regarding the vegetation, colorful flowers such as orchids ornament the lush forests; you can see Guanacaste trees, laurel, and more.

Accommodation Options near Rincón de La Vieja National Park

The park is located in the central part of the country, relatively near from both coastlines. There are options for campers in the park; however, they are certainly not a luxurious option. If you want to stay nearby, there are options in the Tenorio Area, it has amazing house rentals. Nevertheless, if you want to stay by the beach, you can choose home rentals Costa Rica on the Pacific Coastline.

Start planning your trip to fabulous Guanacaste Province in Costa Rica and remember to prioritize a visit to these parks; thus, if you seek accommodation options, the home rentals Costa Rica in Papagayo Costa Rica and down South are incredible!

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