Costa Rica Luxury Vacations in the Fabulous Santa Teresa

Santa Teresa is an amazing destination to spend Costa Rica luxury vacations; it used to be a low profile destination that has now become very popular among tourists. It is located in North Puntarenas Province, on the West side of the Nicoya Peninsula; this small fishing town has developed greatly in the past years and now counts with services of the highest quality.

Basic Information about Santa Teresa

Located on the West Coast of the Nicoya Peninsula, Santa Teresa borders with the Pacific Ocean; it has incredible services as neighboring towns up North in Guanacaste Province. It is located 93 miles from the country’s capital, San José, and it stretches over 3 miles; what used to be the small town of Santa Teresa started to develop greatly in the early 90s. Tourism has the cause of its development.

This town was initially characterized by other industries such as logging, cattle ranching, agriculture, and fishing. Being such a low profile destination, the word got around that this was the secluded place to go. Slowly, this calm area started to transform changing from a quiet town to a very developed area. It is one of the most popular destinations in Costa Rica among foreigners.

Tourist Attractions near Santa Teresa

Costa Rica Luxury Vacations

Santa Teresa Beach is perfect for many water activities; plus, it has natural surroundings in which you can do other types of land activities. In addition, it is located near Malpaís which is also a popular tourist destination. However, the most notorious attraction of the area is Cabo Blanco Absolute Reserve.

  1. Cabo Blanco Absolute Reserve

This reserve is located in the Southern part of the Nicoya Peninsula; it protects also 29 hundred acres of territory. The reserve is mainly characterized by having a dry tropical forest; nevertheless, it is classified in the area of tropical moist forest. This is the oldest protected area in Costa Rica and Central America; the reserve protects 7, 560 acres of territory (land and water).

The reserve was created after an initiative taken by a foreign couple who arrived in Costa Rica in the 60s; after witnessing the greatness of the forests in the middle of agricultural areas they set up to protect such biodiversity. The threat that cattle-ranching, agriculture, and similar practices posed, was then recognized; the reserve now protects great biodiversity.

Biodiversity of the Reserve

Costa Rica luxury vacations are not just about great quality in the services; it is also about going to a destination that will create awesome memories. In Cabo Blanco Absolute reserve you will get to see a great variety of animal species; regarding animal species, when it comes to mammals, you can see howler and white-face monkeys. You can also see the white-tailed deer, the white-nosed coati, coyotes and margays.

Costa Rica Luxury Vacations

There is also great diversity in marine birds and marine wildlife; there are crabs, mollusks, several species of fish, orcas, and more. Regarding the flora of the area, there have been around 140 species of trees identified, some are: the Pochote, Indio Desnudo, Guacimo, Cortez Amarillo, Espavel, Guacimo Colorado, etc.  There are evergreen trees and those of the deciduous type because this is a transition zone.

Tourists Activities Available in Santa Teresa

Santa Teresa is basically a surf village; there are good conditions for surfing in this area throughout the whole year and there are lessons available too. If you need any gear or guidance, you will find it in Santa Teresa; the surfing conditions in the area are suitable for the practice all year-round. Given the big variety in bird species, bird watching is very popular.

In addition, you could go hiking, horseback riding, or go on fun canopy tours. The Northern Nicoya area including Cabo Blanco Absolute Reserve is gorgeous and perfect for a fun luxury vacation Costa Rica.

Accommodation Options for Costa Rica Luxury Vacations in Santa Teresa

Santa Teresa, as many towns up North on Guanacaste’s Pacific Coastline has many options for accommodations; there are hotels and incredible vacation rentals Costa Rica. The development in the town has had, as a result, some of the best houses for rent in Costa Rica in Santa Teresa. Imagine you are staying in one of the luxury Costa Rica villas facing the Pacific Ocean and watching the sunset.

Costa Rica Luxury Vacations

You can stay in an estate with private pool and all the best tourist services you need; in these vacation rentals Costa Rica, you count with exclusive services in which you feel like in a hotel. Santa Rosa is the perfect place for a luxury vacation Costa Rica, because you can find incredible luxury Costa Rica villas while staying in a town that maintains its laid-back vibe.

Santa Teresa has an incredible beach, as well as other beautiful beach towns nearby; it also has great natural attractions and a good location convenient for tourists. In addition, if you seek comfort, you can find the best houses for rent in Costa Rica in Santa Teresa; start booking your stay, you will have an amazing Costa Rica Luxury Vacations in this gorgeous town.

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