Where to Stay in Costa Rica when you Travel with a Group of Friends: Costa Rica Resorts vs. Home Rentals

There is nothing better than having the opportunity to share a vacation with your friends, so if you can do it, one thing you might be wondering is, ‘where to stay?’; you will have to decide between Costa Rica resorts and home rentals. The good thing is that both options are great; just consider your interests and those of the whole group. 

Luxury when Considering where to Stay

Costa Rica Resorts
The activities are an important part of any trip, click on the image to see more.

If you are looking for a place that doesn’t affect your budget so much, you might want to rent a big place for all. Costa Rica rentals comprise a big variety of houses for rent, apartments, townhouses, villas and even studio apartments. In this sense, you can choose the one that better aligns with your budget or go all out choosing a luxurious villa where you will be more than comfortable.

If luxury is what catches your attention, there is also the obvious option of staying at any of the Costa Rica resorts, which will pamper you and offer all that you expect regarding comfort and quality.

Costa Rica Resorts vs. Home Rentals and things to do

The good thing about staying at a resort is that it has all the basic services you need, such as food, room service (including cleaning) and find transportation. Apart from this, you get all the included services of the specific resort you are staying at, which at times, are so entertaining that visitors don’t even bother leaving the location.

On the other hand, there is a perk to choosing Costa Rica rentals when you travel with a group of friends. There is no comparison to having a big house all to yourself and your group of friends to enjoy the time together an try turn activities that you may want to avoid, such as cooking, into a fun experience with your best friends.

Downside of Choosing Home Rentals

Costa Rica Resorts
The wonderful Villa Manzu, click on image to view more!

Not so much of a downside but possibility is that you may not want to cook or clean much, so if this is case, there is no problem either, because you can hire the chef and cleaning service that will take care of everything. However, after taking a look at any of the Costa Rica luxury homes, you might change your mind and not worry about any of that.

The options in Costa Rica luxury homes will make you want to move there permanently. There are real estate companies and rent by owner home rentals, process by which you can rent a home directly from the owner. However, it is advisable that you contact any of the real estate companies instead of resorting to rent by owner if this is your first time visiting.

Are you ready to have a great adventure with your friends !? What things do you think are essential to spend an excellent vacation with them? Let us know in the comments section below!!

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