3 Fascinating Beach Towns Perfect for Home Rentals in Costa Rica

Costa Rica is a jewel in Central America, where not only there is tremendous natural appeal, but there is also great development in tourist services, and home rentals specifically are a popular option for tourists. For those who seek an exciting tourist experience with the comfort of feeling like at home, this is a new favorite amongst tourists worldwide who visit Costa Rica.

The property management companies in Costa Rica offer full assistance regarding rental properties, real estate, and specialty concierge services among others, offering a variety of options to help you plan your stay Costa Rica.

Costa Rica is a country where the majority of the territory and population profit from tourism, and therefore, you can make tourism throughout most of it, but the following are 3 beach towns in the Guanacaste Province where you can ensure finding great homes for rent:

This beautiful beach of the Guanacaste Province has a natural forest reserve with lots of trails prefect for hiking or bike riding. The urban design is aimed at integrating modernity with nature with a French architecture that keeps in mind the relevance and priority of natural preservation.

Home Rentals
Casa Athena in Las Catalinas, click on image to view more!

Imagine renting a house right by the beach where you can have your meals in open spaces with a delightful view of the Pacific Ocean. You can rent a beach house where you can look right at Danta Beach and enjoy a private pool. Picture full luxury and privacy while you stay in a house with a master suite separate from the main house, you can be with a big group ant still have some alone time with your significant other.

You can find a fully equipped place to stay where you will have any luxurious service you need, plus the geographic advantage of being right at the beach and having basic services nearby.

The Playa Hermosa of the Guanacaste Province (there is another beach called the same way, also perfect for surfing in the Puntarenas Province) is a great location for sailing, scuba diving, swimming, snorkeling, fishing and other water activities. Popular among North American visitors, there are also great options regarding homes for rent.

From big, luxurious villas to incredible apartments for rent, Playa Hermosa has options of the greatest quality and luxury in home rentals. Only a few minutes away from Playas del Coco and near the Liberia airport, this is also a strategic location for tourism due to its proximity to beautiful natural landscapes and sercices, you can have fun and find everything you need here.

Home Rentals
Casa Lina with a perfect beach view, click on image to see more.

You can imagine staying at a beautiful luxurious villa enjoying a panoramic view of the Pacific Ocean. With big properties available with even two stories that accommodate large groups, you can have the experience of a lifetime in one of the wonderful rental properties; there are also apartments for rent and other types of properties.

With high quality basic and services and luxurious amenities, the options in Playa Hermosa and the high quality attention of the property management companies, choosing to stay at any of the places for rent is a unique experience where you get to worry about your own pleasure and comfort.

With characteristic dark sand and beautiful blue waters, this beautiful beach town is also perfect for tourism as well as finding a great residence to stay. A place filled with natural beauty, not only are the landscapes breathtaking, but you can also delight at the rich variety of the Costa Rican wildlife by the sea as well as by land.

This location is perfect for relaxing as well as having some exciting adventures.  You can do water activities such as surfing, snorkeling, scuba diving or try sports fishing. Near Playas del Coco, this is a very clean beach with a calm vibe where you can come to relax.

Imagine staying at one of the apartments available for rent and being marveled by the natural beauty of the Pacific Coast from the terrace. These apartments come fully equipped for your comfort and you can also count on the full attention that the staff of these homes for rent property management companies have to offer.

Home Rentals
Azul Paraiso residences, click on image to see rent options in Ocotal Beach!

These are only 3 examples of excellent tourist destinations where you can have a lot of fun and find a perfect place for you to stay. You can be sure that the staff of the residence rental companies will try their hardest to find something that suits you perfectly.

These are beach towns located in the Guanacaste Province; however, there are many more tourist destinations where you can find high quality services for tourist activities as well as great options in terms of home rentals. Visit the Guanacaste Province if you want to be able to visit many nearby beaches and tourist attractions and you will surely make the most of your experience.

Tell us which of these beaches you would like to visit and what activities you would like to do in the comments section below!!

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