Marina Papagayo and Tourism in Costa Rica

The Guanacaste Province in Costa Rica is an amazing location for tourism and the Marina Papagayo project is one example of its tourist-oriented quality. Papagayo Costa Rica is a peninsula that is located on the north of the Pacific Coast and in terms of tourism, has all the services and attractions that any traveler in Costa Rica could possibly need.

The Marina Papagayo Project

Marina Papagayo

As just an example of much interest Costa Rica takes on tourist activities, this project on the Papagayo Peninsula is aimed to attract tourists by the sea as it has boat slips. The project also intends to create more options for visitors improving residence conditions. In this sense, yacht and boat lovers in general find this location very attractive and finding a place to stay is not a terrible ordeal.

Papagayo Costa Rica: the Place to Stay

The province of Guanacaste includes the best services you may need, which is where Papagayo is located. Not too far is the Liberia airport, there are several transportation services that are very efficient, food services are amazing and if you are looking for places to stay, in and out of the Marina Papagayo project, whether it is a hotel, a 4 bedroom house for rent or small studio apartments for rent, the choices are many.

Marina Papagayo
Marina Centre Condos, click on image to view more!!

Costa Rica: a Country for Tourism

Private and public projects aimed at enhancing tourism in Costa Rica have increased in number, so much that the overdevelopment has to be controlled in order not to affect the natural resources of the country. The good side is that the main attraction for tourism to function is precisely the natural resources of the country, for this reason, Costa Rica luxury homes as well as luxurious hotels intend to find a balance in order to care for natural preservation.

Marina Papagayo
Monkey Villa, click on image for more…

The development in the tourism industry has also enhanced residence in Costa Rica and there are many property management agencies that will offer you the best of Costa Rica luxury homes. As said before, whether you look for a 4 bedroom house for rent or smaller studio apartments for rent, it is no problem finding something suitable for you.

Marina Papagayo project is only a small example of how much Costa Rica is devoting to develop tourism, the private and public sector recognize the value of this industry and the service is aimed to offer the best that the clients deserve. You will not regret visiting the Papagayo Peninsula.

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