4 Characteristics of a Luxury Vacation Costa Rica

Going to Costa Rica for vacations means visiting a magical paradise, and this can be even better if you turn it into a luxury vacation Costa Rica. On one hand, there are many activities you can do to get in touch with nature and the ‘pura vida’ vibe and; on the other hand, you can make sure that you get all the comfort you need in order to spend the time of your life.

1) The Costa Rica Resorts: a Clear Example of Luxury

Some people prefer vacation home rentals when they go on vacations and others prefer to stay at a hotel. If you are of the second kind of people, you should know Costa Rica has amazing hotels and resorts aimed to give you comfort and entertain you throughout your trip. One good example is the Costa Rica Four Seasons, with a great trajectory and impeccable reputation.

2) Luxury Vacation Costa Rica: Four Seasons GolfLuxury Vacation Costa Rica

There are many adventure tours and hikes you can go on to enjoy your vacations. However, if you are staying at the Costa Rica Four Seasons you might as well take the chance to try the Four Seasons Golf to enjoy your luxury vacation Costa Rica. Costa Rica has many relatively new golf courts, so if you stay at this resort you have it easier, but if you are staying at home rentals you have many options to try the golf.

3) Vacation Home Rentals in Costa Rica

Although many prefer to try the Costa Rica resorts when going on vacations there, it is good to know that there is a big variety of options in home rentals: there are luxurious villas, houses, apartments and even studio apartments; there are obvious differences, so it is just a matter of deciding what you prefer because the options are there.

4) Sailing in Costa RicaLuxury Vacation Costa Rica

There are boat clubs and charters that help you out if you love sailing, you can even rent a yacht in Costa Rica if that is your interest and take the concept of a luxury vacation Costa Rica to a whole another level.

Regarding other services such as transportation and food, it is safe to say, you have a wide range of options and the quality is amazing, also due to the fact that the tourism industry is so greatly supported in this beautiful country.

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