Guanacaste Province, An Expats Favorite for Retiring or Costa Rica Luxury Vacations

Spending a few days in Costa Rica luxury vacations has become an increasing tendency for tourists worldwide; this Central American destination has even been considered one of the best tourist destinations around the world by renowned magazines. Guanacaste Province specifically is a favorite for tourists who visit and sometimes actually end up moving there permanently.

It Starts as a Destination for Costa Rica Luxury Vacations

Guanacaste is located on the Northeastern part of Costa Rica, and there are many reasons why it attracts so many tourists. Its amazing natural attractions and incredible tourist services are responsible for creating the perfect atmosphere for a vacation.

  1. Natural Attractions

Costa Rica has about 6% of the world’s biodiversity in such a small territory. This has to do with the government’s strict policies to ensure natural preservation. In this regard, national parks stand out; Costa Rica’s territory has been divided into 11 Conservation Areas. Each of them is in charge of administrating the natural resources present as well as enforcing natural conservation laws.

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Guanacaste Province has, as other provinces, national parks and nature reserves. The first are administered by the government, some of them are: Guanacaste, Palo Verde, Santa Rosa, Tenorio Volcano, Rincón de La Vieja Volcano, Arenal Volcano, and Las Baulas Marine National Park. Regarding nature reserves, Lomas de Barbudal and Ostional National Wildlife Refuge stand out, among others.

  1. Excellent Accommodation Options

For those seeking to spend Costa Rica Luxury Vacations, Guanacaste is an excellent choice. All along the Pacific Coast there are beautiful beach towns; in many of them, there has been in increasing development resulting in great lodging options. From North to South, there are fascinating tourist destinations with luxurious resorts and amazing Costa Rica home rentals.

These are the most popular towns with incredible hotels and homes for rent:

b.1) Papagayo Peninsula

This area is one of tourists’ favorite destinations; the area has grown to favor tourism and now has incredible beachfront luxury Costa Rica villas and incredible resorts. The fabulous Papagayo Marina also attracts many for its sailing-related services; in addition, other services like a golf course, tennis courts and proximity to Liberia’s international airport also make it an appealing destination.

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b.2) Las Catalinas

Las Catalinas is another favorite destination for tourists, as well as expats longing to retire in a calm destination. Perfect for Costa Rica Luxury Vacations, Las Catalinas lacks of roads, and therefore, air pollution.  This town has been designed for people to enjoy its pedestrian side and the integration of nature with development; it is incredibly beautiful.

b.3) Coco Beach

Coco Beach is a very popular destination, not only for tourists but for Costa Ricans too. The younger crowds enjoy the beach and the active nightlife that characterizes it; in addition, it has amazing Costa Rica home rentals. The luxury Costa Rica villas, condos and related options, plus the wonderful cafés, restaurants and nightclubs attract many; these are the most appealing features of Coco Beach.

Papagayo Peninsula, Las Catalinas and Coco Beach are just some of the incredible tourist destinations recommended in the province; however, there are other destinations like Hermosa, Ocotal or Tamarindo Beaches along the Pacific Coastline with fascinating Costa Rica house rentals. The Tenorio area, which is located towards the East, and neighboring Santa Teresa in Puntarenas Province also have great Costa Rica villas rentals.

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  1. Fabulous Tourist Services

Apart from the amazing Costa Rica villas rentals and resorts, there are high-quality tourist services; all the basic services, entertainment options and more, are available in Guanacaste. When it comes to transportation, there are options for car rentals and airport transfers; there is also an international airport in the capital and national airport in Tamarindo Beach.

When it comes to restaurants, bars and cafés, there are plenty locations and many are actually beachfront establishments; drinks, music and the “pura vida” vibe of Costa Rica, mix with the hypnotizing Guanacaste sunsets in an incredible spectacle.

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It Ends with Many Moving Permanently

All these wonderful characteristics of Guanacaste enchant tourists so much that many actually end up moving permanently. The locations previously mentioned are not only popular tourist destinations; many expats have made them their homes. The incredible Costa Rica vacation rentals serve as an appetizer of what life in Costa Rica would be; a big part of those populations are now integrated by expats.

The magical jewel that is Costa Rica brings people to connect with nature and enjoy their deserved vacations; however, Costa Rica luxury vacations tend to end with tourists renting these homes more permanently. There are many people who stay for a few months during the year and some who have retired. It is easy to find permanent Costa Rica vacation rentals, and it is a wonderful life in Costa Rica!

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