From Adventure to Relaxation: an Incredible Vacation in Papagayo Costa Rica

Vacations in Papagayo Costa Rica, and in many places in Guanacaste Province, can be relaxing or adventurous; there are options for everyone. Nevertheless, there are people who simply want to make the best out of the time they have and try everything; if this is your case, you can take this opportunity to follow this advice as well as this plan. From adventurous chilling experiences, you will surely enjoy yourself!

What is the Recommendation?

There are plenty of activities you can do in the marvelous Papagayo Peninsula. Located on the Northwestern side of the country, from luxurious infrastructures to great natural attractions, there options are numerous. The recommendation is to start the journey with the most exciting and adventurous activities; then, you can finish with more relaxing activities.

The idea is that you start off this experience with a rush of adrenaline and as the trip advances, relax; this way you get to live the excitement at the beginning, and at the end of the trip recharge energies. By the end of the trip, there are two possible panoramas: you will be ready to go back to your daily routine new and refreshed, or maybe never want to go back as many expats actually do.

Start off with Great Adventures

There are exciting and fun activities you can do in Costa Rica; whether underwater, in land or through the air, the options are numerous. Since the beach is one of the first things people generally want to visit; you can start off by practicing water sports. One of Costa Rica’s biggest attractions is surfing, which you can try even if it is your first time.

There are other activities you can do like scuba diving, practicing stand up paddle board or sea kayaking. Then you can continue with other activities in freshwater: rafting or kayaking are incredible activities. In addition, you can go mountain bike riding, you can go on canopy tours, and do zip lining. These adventures will take your breath away!Luxury Vacation Rentals Costa Rica

Continue with more Relaxing Activities

After you have overcome the excitement and hectic agenda of the most adventurous tours, you might start wanting to chill; not only is this understandable, but recommended. After a few days of following a hectic agenda of adventures, you want to relax and care less about schedules; therefore, in Papagayo Costa Rica, hiking tours, for example, are more relaxing and still adventurous.

In these hiking tours you might get to incredible waterfalls, hot springs or magical landscapes; here, you will have time to relax and be one with nature. In addition, there are other tours like aerial tram rides or sailing tours where you can truly chill. But also, there are other activities that allow you to focus on yourself, relax enjoy the luxury and comfort.

Activities to Relax in Papagayo Costa Rica with Luxury

Luxury and comfort are two characteristics that draw visitors in to this wonderful area. Besides great Costa Rica villa rentals and amazing natural attractions, Papagayo Peninsula also has entertainment. The golf course of the Four Seasons Resort that also services guests of the luxury Costa Rica villas is remarkable; Four Seasons golf is a popular characteristic of the Papagayo Peninsula area.

In addition to the Four Seasons golf, there are other things you can do in this area to relax. Besides swimming or sunbathing, you can also pay attention to your body and health. There are massage parlors and beauty salons in Papagayo Peninsula that will take all your worries away; spending your last days in Costa Rica being pampered and looked after is the perfect way to end the experience.

Are there Good Lodging Options in the Area?

The whole Guanacaste Province offers a variety of remarkable rental properties Costa Rica, and Papagayo Peninsula is no exception. Not only do they have incredible views, designs, services, and are incredibly equipped; the rental properties Costa Rica of Papagayo Peninsula allow its visitors to enjoy the wonders of its facilities. This is a great advantage for visitors in the area.

Luxury Vacation Rentals Costa Rica

Furthermore, luxury Costa Rica villas in Papagayo Peninsula allow you to be near the incredible services of its marina. Papagayo Peninsula counts with the most luxurious marina of Latin America; if you stay in Papagayo Peninsula you are near its incredible services. You can arrange a big number of activities from this marina, including sailing tours to visit other beaches.

Are there Other Good Reasons to Stay in the Area?

In general the Papagayo Peninsula is an incredible tourist destination; besides it being a tourist area where you can hire incredible services, it also has a convenient location. Papagayo Peninsula is located near Liberia city; it is the capital of the province and it has an international airport. Costa Rica is a fascinating tourist destination and choosing Papagayo Costa Rica is a decision you will not regret!

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