A Luxury Vacation Costa Rica with your Own Customs: Thanksgiving

A fair share of Americans visit Costa Rica every year; they do it to spend a luxury vacation Costa Rica or even stay more permanently. This destination has become nearly flooded with international tourists, of whom a big part is an American crowd; this has had a great impact on Costa Rican’s lifestyle, urban planning, and establishments. Furthermore, it is now easier to celebrate American holidays like Thanksgiving.

Celebrating Thanksgiving in Costa Rica

It is not a surprise to know that many people celebrate Thanksgiving in Costa Rica; there are numerous families who actually visit regularly. Furthermore, some people spend longer seasons in this country, usually in luxury villas Costa Rica; others, have simply move to Costa Rica permanently. However, many of these still want to celebrate their hometown customs in Costa Rica.

Thanksgiving Dinner is a big deal in the United States; therefore, many people attempt to keep their tradition, even from this tropical country. Americans have a big dinner, but it is not just about eating a lot; the meal includes a turkey prepared in a specific way and a few traditional sauces and other delicious meals. This has become a tradition many celebrate due to the big number of Americans living there and visiting.

The Issues of Celebrating a Foreign Tradition

Thanksgiving may be celebrated symbolically over a big dinner; however, the real tradition is to eat turkey, and that’s the way Americans truly feel they are celebrating this holiday. The problem is that long ago, you couldn’t easily find a turkey in Costa Rica to have it prepared. This led to many fun anecdotes of Americans trying their best to celebrate this holiday properly.

Luxury Vacation Costa Rica

Some Americans tried bringing the turkeys from the U.S.; interestingly, many people even tried smuggling their frozen bird from home! There are tons of crazy stories and many didn’t end well. However, times have changed and Americans have become more numerous in Costa Rica; the demand for some supplies that Americans have has led to economic growth to cover these needs.

Now you can easily find a turkey in Costa Rica, prepare it, and maintain your tradition.

Where is it Easier to Find a Turkey and other Supplies of International Demand?

Costa Rica is undeniably one of the most popular tourist destinations; however, some areas do have more foreign influence. Spending a luxury vacation Costa Rica is guaranteed, for example, in the northwestern Guanacaste Province. This province has areas that have grown from small fishing hamlets to modern tourist towns; there are also new settlements where many expats are living.

Some Areas with Expats in them:

The beautiful Papagayo Peninsula is an area that has developed greatly while naturally preserving 70% of the territory; the growth has been well-planned and organized and has resulted in the building of amazing luxury villas Costa Rica. These home rentals, alongside the best luxury resorts Costa Rica attract many visitors; they, in consequence, fall in love in the area and move more permanently.

Luxury Vacation Costa Rica

Papagayo Peninsula also has incredible tourist services and facilities nearby that make visitors and inhabitants comfortable; here, you could find items of international demand.

As in the case of Papagayo Peninsula, there are incredible Costa Rica villas for rent; there are also some of the best luxury resorts Costa Rica and other amazing accommodation options. Coco Beach is place where the international impact has led to the construction of several establishments; cafés, restaurants, and bars have been built in order to please international tastes.

Las Catalinas is a very attractive destination for tourists; this town is a perfect example of city planning. Its design has been envisioned to protect nature, promote tourism, and experiment with a new lifestyle that it is healthier; you can find amazing Costa Rica villas for rent in this area and you can experience an eco friendly town. Las Catalinas is known for being designed following the principles of New Urbanism.

This is another beautiful town in Costa Rica; Playa Hermosa does have a Costa Rican settlement that has grown and developed greatly but maintains its laid-back vibe. There are fabulous Costa Rica luxury homes in this area and other tourist services. Playa Hermosa is a place where you can experience the Tico culture, but still find all the services you need for international tastes.

Foreign visitors in Costa Rica have the time of their lives; however, it is understandable that people want to maintain their traditions no matter where they are. If you want to spend a luxury vacation Costa Rica but worry about your customs, do not worry; visit any of these amazing beach towns in the Pacific Coastline. You will find Costa Rica luxury homes and anything you might need to have the time of your life!

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