A Low-Key Destination to Spend your Luxury Vacation Costa Rica: Playa Coyote

Go on incredible adventures in a fabulous luxury vacation Costa Rica in Playa Coyote; this fabulous beach town is the perfect place to mix grand comfort and luxury with breathtaking natural beauty. Playa Coyote offers tourists the amazing wonders of Costa Rican tourist services in a magical paradise; this is the perfect getaway in a tropical jewel with all the best attention you deserve.

About the Beautiful Playa Coyote

Playa Coyote is located South of Guanacaste Province in the Nicoya Peninsula; as opposed to the trendiest destinations in the Papagayo Gulf, Playa Coyote, or Coyote Beach in English, is very-low key. The area has nothing to envy other more popular beach towns in the Papagayo Gulf; however, the access to this area has a lot to do with the lesser affluence of tourists this town has.

Coyote Beach is surrounded by rivers, estuaries, and generally, lots of water; in fact, in order to get to this town, sometimes even a 4×4 wheel drive vehicle is not enough. Regardless, Coyote Beach counts with all the services necessary for a good time, including Costa Rica luxury villas, hotels and fabulous resorts. Furthermore, the natural features of the area enchant nature lovers and all visitors alike.

How Can you Get to Coyote Beach? Is Access Too Complicated?

The access to this beach is not too easy, but completely worth it. Coyote Beach is surrounded by wet areas where sometimes you cannot even drive through; however, this is usually the case during the rainy season. Fortunately, the end of the year sees the beginning of the dry season, which means that water levels lower; access to Coyote Beach, therefore, is usually easier by the end of December.

Luxury Vacation Costa Rica

There are different options in order to get to Coyote beach; for starters, if you arrive in Costa Rica through the airport in Liberia, Guanacaste, you can drive. The ride will take you about three hours, but it will definitely be worth it; you’ll witness incredible sceneries. However, if you arrive in Costa Rica through San José, you can head to Puntarenas Port, take a Ferry to Naranjo Beach and drive.

There is also the option of flying to Punta Islita from San José, and then taking a cab to Coyote Beach; it may be a better option.

Accommodation Options in Coyote Beach

A luxury vacation Costa Rica is a great choice you can make; this fabulous country is certainly gaining more and more popularity regarding tourism, but Coyote Beach still remains quiet and low key. Beaches like Hermosa and Coco Beach have gone through great tourist development, but somehow the vibe has changed; Coyote Beach, on the other hand, has had development while remaining secluded and a lot more laid back.

Regardless of the seclusion Coyote Beach does have options for those looking for luxury and comfort; in this sense, you can find amazing Costa Rica luxury villas. Rental houses Costa Rica in Coyote beach are equipped with the biggest luxury and have the most modern design; simultaneously, near these rental houses Costa Rica is an estuary, a beach, forests, and more!

There is Incredibly Abundant Wildlife in Coyote Beach

An advantage of choosing to stay in a luxury villa Costa Rica in Coyote Beach is the incredible wildlife nearby; in the breathtaking sceneries of the area, don’t be surprised if you spot howler or white-faced monkeys. You can also see reptiles, and there are numerous birds in the area as well. Snakes, iguanas, pelicans, vultures, frigates, and flamingos are just some of the species you might see.

What are some Tourist Activities you Can Do in Coyote Beach?

The area is perfect for several water activities; swimming is one of the activities you can do. In addition, you can go on fun horseback rides along the coastline seeing great views and having lots of fun; you can also go on hikes through incredible landscapes and ride mountain bikes on fun trails through incredible natural surroundings. Just contemplating the environments is quite an experience.

Luxury Vacation Costa Rica

The beach is great for several water sports; however, when it comes to surfing, just the southern part of Coyote Beach is considered to have good conditions. Furthermore, there are other natural attractions near Coyote Beach; from natural parks to private wildlife refuges, there are numerous options to enjoy the wonders of Coyote Beach. You can also spot a variety of sea turtles nearby.

Coyote Beach is a new option for those who are curious about this country; it is perfect for those who wish to stay in an incredible luxury villa Costa Rica. If you are looking for luxury vacation rentals Costa Rica away from the big cities; Coyote Beach will offer you tranquility, amazing natural beauty, and the best options for luxury vacation rentals Costa Rica.

Visit Coyote Beach, not only will you spend a luxury vacation Costa Rica, you’ll have the time of your life!

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