Tamarindo Vacation Rentals and Tours in Costa Rica Luxury

Tamarindo is a gorgeous beach town located in Guanacaste Province, to the north west of Costa Rica. Due to high tourist growth Tamarindo vacation rentals, tours and services are of the highest quality, making this a perfect location for amazing Costa Rica luxury vacations. This town originally a quiet fishing and surfing location is now a tourist hub and attracts many visitors every year.

Tamarindo Vacation Rentals

This beach town has the best Costa Rica luxury rental homes for you. Apart from luxurious hotels or maybe simpler lodging options, regarding luxurious vacation rentals in Costa Rica, you can find just as an example, a house that can accommodate up to almost 20 people, where you face the Pacific Ocean, have more than one pool to enjoy with your group and all the wonderful amenities you would expect in a hotel.

These Costa Rica luxury villas vacation home rentals include housekeeping, maintenance and other private services that you may need regarding the house functioning. Apart from those features, there are eco friendly amenities such as the service of potable tap water and pest control, in order to enhance the quality of your experience. Private food and transportation services are also available, plus the amazing features of these luxurious estates.

Tours and Activities you Can Do in Tamarindo Beach

There are many popular activities that you can do with your traveling group; since this is a tourist destination, there are many tourist agencies and even the vacation rentals services might help you organizing your plans. The most popular activities include: sport fishing, snorkeling, horseback riding, scuba diving, boat tours, zip line adventures, hiking and hot spring tours among others.Tamarindo Vacation Rentals

Because of the environmental conditions, this location is perfect for surfing, learners or experts. Apart from Tamarindo Beach, surfers also enjoy the spots nearby in Playa Grande, where there are also great luxurious and comfortable accommodation services.

Tours and Activities You Can Do by Land

One of this town’s biggest tourist attraction is probably Tamarindo National Wildlife RefugeLocated in the Protected area of Tempisque, this refuge protects estuaries, mangroves and over a thousand acres of forest with a rich diversity in flora and fauna. The boat rides in this refuge are one of the biggest attractions since during the activity you will get to witness the majestic fauna of the area.

Tamarindo Vacation Rentals are certainly amazing in the area, but the natural attractions are what will leave the greatest memories in you. Another reason to visit this area is the nearby Marino Las Baulas National Park, which is a very popular destination mostly for animal lovers. This park is home to an amazing turtle nesting ritual in which, from a distance and guided in order to preserve the area, tourists can admire this amazing experience.

Conservation of the Area

Tourist activities in the area are conducted with great care since it is a number one priority to preserve the natural resources. In this sense, apart from the National Park, several associations and organizations have worked in order to preserve the area. Examples of these are: The Leatherback Trust, Reserva Tamarindo Preserve and the Tamarindo Environmental and Culture Committee.

Cultural and City tours

Due to the tourist growth of the area, the town has grown in order to satisfy these demands. Therefore, bars and night clubs, as well as cafes, have multiplied. However, for tourists who wish to learn about the culture and a more typical side of the place, the recommendation is to visit the nearby Santa Cruz city, which is considered a good example of a Costa Rican folk town.Tamarindo Vacation Rentals

There is also an art gallery and many craft sales in Tamarindo town if you have a taste for folk art. Regarding sports, Costa Rica’s preferred discipline is soccer; however, you will not find a soccer field in Tamarindo, probably due to the foreign influences. The most popular practice in the area is surfing, probably due to the convenient geographic characteristics of the area.

Why is Tamarindo a Great Place for your Costa Rica Vacations?

Apart from all the amazing characteristics of the town, Tamarindo is strategically located near the Liberia airport and in the very popular Guanacaste Province. This area has all the best accommodation services, the most developed tourist complexes offering the biggest variety of tours and activities, it has great transportation services and it has been simply blessed with amazing natural resources.

On the other hand, if you are looking for quality tourism, the features of the Costa Rica luxury villas vacation home rentals have no comparison even with the services and amenities of the best hotels. You will not get such privacy, good service and natural beauty, all in one as in the wonderful houses of the Costa Rica luxury rental homes in Tamarindo.Tamarindo Vacation Rentals

Vacation rental services have online portfolios where you can start booking these wonderful accommodation locations, you will not want to wait one more minute to get to Costa Rica after seeing the pictures of these great rental homes in the fascinating Tamarindo.

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